Walmart fires employee

Walmart fired a man who posted an offensive message on about the Orlando gay club massacre.

On June 12, a gunman went on a rampage inside Pulse Nightclub, killing 49 people and wounded 53.

That same day, a Marietta man using the Twitter handle @IWillTryLater tweeted: “Y’all see a Gay club shooting as a horrible tragedy. I see it as someone doing Community Service.”

In a photo under his profile the man appeared to be wearing a Walmart uniform.

Outraged Twitter users threatened to forward the tweet to the store’s customer service.

But the man was unbothered by the threats. He tweeted: “I could give y’all my full name, store number, store address & my boss name and # and he still wouldn’t fire me. He’d tell y’all to f*ck off.”

Orlando tweet

The reports that at least 2 Twitter users messaged @Walmartnewsroom about the tweets.

Hours later the tweets, the Twitter account, and the man’s job were all deleted.

“We don’t tolerate this kind of behavior,” Walmart tweeted. “He no longer works for Walmart. Our hearts go out to all affected by the Orlando tragedy.”