Jessica Hampton

A Chicago woman was stabbed to death by her boyfriend in front of shocked train passengers Thursday afternoon.

Jessica Hampton, 25, died of stab wounds to her neck after a violent confrontation with the man on the city’s busiest train line.

The tragic incident happened on the CTA Red Line train on Chicago’s South Side.

The man surrendered to the first police officer who arrived on the scene, WGN-TV reports. He was arrested without incident and a knife was recovered.

“It was an ongoing domestic argument between a couple, a male and female, on one of the CTA trains,” First Deputy Superintendent John Escalante said. “As the train approached 47th Street, the male stabbed the female.”

In one video, uploaded to, Hampton is seen lying on the floor of a train car in a pool of blood.

Witnesses say 6 minutes passed before emergency medical responders arrived to take Hampton to a hospital.

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CAUTION: This video contains graphic imagery that may be disturbing to some viewers.