Carmelo Anthony Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan finally got down off his stack of millions and said something about the police brutality that’s weeping America.

Jordan, 53, is often criticized for raising the prices on his iconic Air Jordan basketball shoes that are so demand, criminals commit murder to own a pair.

NY Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony held a Q&A session following his town hall meeting at a Boys and Girls Club in Los Angeles, Calif., on Monday.

One of the questions raised came from a participant who wondered how Anthony felt about Jordan finally speaking out about race relations in post-Obama America.

Anthony praised the aging basketball legend for finally “putting his money where his mouth” is, and speaking out for black men who are losing their lives at a frightening pace.

“I thought it was brilliant, and about time that he stepped up, said what he said,” Anthony told the media afterwards. “At the end of the day, amongst us, he is our face. He is an African American, a very powerful African American, so for him to step up in the midst of these times right now was very big on his behalf.”