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Saturday Night Live is not the ratings bonanza it once was. Most people had never heard of comedian Leslie Jones until she whined about white designers refusing to dress her for a Ghostbusters premiere on recently.

Several black designers (who mostly showcase their wares on reached out to begging for a hookup with Jones’ team after she ignored their DMs on

But Jones isn’t the only narcissistic C-lister begging for attention from white designers.

According to this comment left on under a post about Jones, an Orange is the New Black star also ran afoul of designers.

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“Okay. Gonna talk some real life here. I’m a designer, my work is in many magazines, dressed celebs yada yada yada…

I’ve run across this so many times. Women who aren’t sample size 2-6 will want gowns A WEEK before the event. They end up having to be custom made and end up costing us an arm and a leg.

A while ago I got a call to make a dress 7 days before the Emmys for a woman on orange is the new black. She was a plus size and absolutely refused to put any money into the dress. All I asked was that she at least put in the money for the dress form in her size and she had a flipping temper tantrum about how she should get it for free.

She was already getting labor, fabric, and a insane rush job for free but felt entitled to have her dress form be on my dime as well.

After that I refused to work with her further.

It’s not that designers refuse to work with people, it’s that the celebs get this insane idea that we eat, breath, and shit for these people. That we have no budgets and fawn at the mere idea of them.

If they contributed OR gave us more then a week or two notice for an event it would be so friggin different. Most of the gowns you see on red carpets take months to make.. not days.

She has no business putting designers on blast.”


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