As you may well be aware, washed up rapper Benzino wrote an Instagram post offering his opinion on black female bloggers who pull no punches.

He included in his post a Photoshopped image that was intended to publicly humiliate this blogger — something that a female would do.

This blogger responded to Benzino’s post with my opinion of his bitch made tendencies. Mind you, I never stated my opinion of Benzino as fact.

To my surprise, publisher Dave Mays sent an email ordering me to take down the post.

The last time I checked, Dave Mays was not an attorney. I certainly hope he isn’t impersonating one?

Here is his email.

Dear Ms. Rose:

Please accept this as legal notice of the false, malicious and defamatory comments that you published on your website yesterday about our client, Benzino. We demand that you remove these malicious and defamatory statements immediately. Your petty personal attacks are not only false, but intentional in their effort to smear our client’s professional brand and image, and they clearly rise to the level of defamation. Although his Instagram post was quite clear on its own, you have essentially proven his point by your unprofessional response. His professional criticism of you was met with petty personal attacks passed of as “journalism.” Please remove this false and intentionally defamatory story immediately. Please govern yourself accordingly.