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Benzino wins the worst dad in Hip-Hop award for laughing at his daughter Coi LeRay's low record sales.

According to RhymeswithSnitch, rapper Coi LeRay was inconsolable after her father, Source Magazine founder Raymond "Benzino" Scott, threatened his daughter and her mom because the 23-year-old told The Breakfast Club that her father went broke after The Source magazine went out of business.

Benzino, 56, retaliated by laughing at Coi's record sales for her debut album Trendsetter.

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In addition to being a horrible father, Benzino has anger management issues that landed him in jail recently.

Police body camera footage shows the unhinged reality TV star being arrested on February 3, 2022 for punching a truck belonging to Althea Heart's new man.

Braselton, Georgia police arrested Benzino for stalking his ex-girlfriend and baby mama, Althea, who told officers that he punched her new man's truck.

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Braselton PD

The man, identified by police as Reginald Cuington, told cops he had only known Althea for a couple of days. He said he had never seen Benzino before. He added: "I don't play like that," after Benzino damaged his property.

The truck had visible damage, which led police to arrest Benzino, who was agitated, sweaty, and irrational after being detained.

Watch the video below.

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Coi Leray teamed up with her auntie Nicki Minaj for a new track titled "Blick Blick."

The track features Coi, 24, and Nicki, 39, swapping raunchy lyrics over an anemic club beat.

Coi gyrates her painfully thin body as she raps about intimate moments with her man.

The single was initially "leaked" by Coi's father, retired reality star Benzino. Nicki said she thought about pulling her verse after the leak. However, she changed her mind after speaking with Coi.

Nicki wrote:

"But rlly I had a private convo w/ Coi & that's what changed my mind. Not the label. I just felt bad that she was robbed of telling the world in her own way @ her own time. But that's water under the bridge now. Good vibes all 2022 [sic]."

Coi suggested her dad was envious of her career and too controlling. She said he has to "realize that I'm my own person."

Coi Leray ft. Nicki Minaj - Blick Blick

SR rated: .5/5 roses


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Benzino had something to say about country/trap rapper Lil Nas X kissing one of his male dancers on the 2021 BET Awards last weekend.

The former reality TV personality was infuriated at BET executives for pulling a "lame" stunt.

Benzino took to Instagram Live to blast the BET Awards:

"That s### BET pulled yesterday was lame [as f###]. It was too uncomfortable, too irresponsible, too forced, and too irrelevant to the awards. Homie ain't even hot like that for music anymore anyway. It's a shame what all this is coming to. I wish I had the backing to bring the Source Awards back."

The brawny, 55-year-old Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star is co-founder of the now defunct Source magazine and the Source Awards.

Benzino continued:

"I just feel like sometimes things can be forced, and they don't have to be. I think Lil Nas X was trying to show he’s gay and gay’s here, but we already knew that. You don’t have to push the envelope so much. Gay people are here. The movement’s here."

There was some pushback from the LGBT+ community. Benzino defended his statement, saying he bought LNX's one hit "Old Town Road" for his son, Zino.

"All this satanic sh*t I'm just not with. I mean, how do you explain sh*t like this to your kid? I got noting but respect and Love for the ghey community, but that ain't it. I could see if he was popping but it was unexpected and unnecessary. I didn't care for the Madonna [and Britney Spears] kiss either. I could see if they were dating..."

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Lil Nas X responded to Benzino's criticism, saying, "I'm sorry but the thought of ni**as sitting their kids down in the living room and telling them gay people exist is so hilarious to me."

Althea Heart

More bad news for local businessman Raymond Scott, aka Benzino. The former reality TV star closed down his poorly-rated fast food restaurant Crab Trap, apparently after receiving too many bad reviews online.

Meanwhile, his ex-fiancee and baby mama Althea Heart is on an extended vacay in Dubai with yet another baller with deep pockets.

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Washed up rapper Benzino wrote a shameful Instagram post disparaging hard working black women who are only trying to feed our children and pay our bills.

I won't go into the finer points of his vociferous (and potentially slanderous) diatribe on Instagram. I guess I should thank him for sending the little traffic my way.

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"BBOD" Mixtape release party

As you know, reality TV star Althea Heart is cooling her heels in jail for 10 days. Heart, real name Althea Eaton, was locked up on July 19 for contempt of court after she attempted to confront her baby daddy, Benzino, real name Raymond Scott, in an Atlanta courtroom.

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