Donald Trump

Residents of Greenwell Springs, Louisiana cheered Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during his visit on Friday.

Trump kept his promise to tour the flood-ravaged areas of Louisiana where 13 people died and more than 85,000 people are homeless.

“We knew you’d be here Mr. Trump,” one woman shouted. “We knew you would be here for us!”

Another woman shouted, “Glad you aren’t playing golf,” referring to President Barack Obama who refused to leave the golf course despite the growing public outrage.

Trump was seen unloading water and other supplies from a truck and shaking hands with residents who showed their appreciation.

Meanwhile, the leftwing lapdog media criticized Trump for going to Louisiana for “photo ops”. The media was strangely silent about Obama’s photo ops on the golf course today.

Michael Brown, the FEMA director during Hurricane Katrina, said Obama “botched it” by not making a public appearance, and only doing photo ops on the golf course.

“At the very least, what he should have done… is walked off the golf course,” said Brown during an appearance on Fox News on Friday.

Brown said Obama should have gone to an office somewhere on Martha’s Vineyard, in Massachusetts, and talked to the people of Louisiana to assure them that FEMA was there to help them.

I would say do better, Obama, but we all know narcissists have no empathy for the suffering of others.