Al Sharpton

Fox Searchlight Pictures executives desperately looked around for a black savior to rescue Nate Parker’s slavery movie Birth of a Nation.

“I guess the only Black leader that Fox Searchlight could afford is Al Sharpton,” wrote “What About Our Daughters” founder Gina McCauley.

Fox Searchlight Pictures didn’t anticipate the public questioning the historical accuracy of a slavery film written by 2 unrepentant rapists.

Parker unwisely attempted to portray himself as a victim 17 years after he was acquitted of gang raping an intoxicated 18-year-old woman in 1999.

The woman killed herself in 2012 — 13 years after Parker and his former roommate, Jean Celestin, stalked and bullied the woman into silence.

Sharpton’s tactic is to blame right wing conspiracies for Parker’s spectacular downfall.

Sharpton, actor Harry Belafonte and others are questioning the timing of the scandal, even though Parker was the one who brought up the rape allegations in an interview with Variety magazine.

“Nate Parker and Fox Searchlight were the ones to grab the 17-year-old rape allegations from the footnotes of Parker’s Wikipedia page and shop them around to the entertainment press,” McCaughley wrote on

“This current imbroglio is all in response to the horrible interviews Nate Parker provided. His interviews were narcissistic and lacked self awareness. Overshadowed in these interviews was an attempt (a poor one) to walk back homophobic comments Parker had made in the past.”

In closing, no one should be surprised that Al Sharpton is coming to the rescue of an alleged rapist — it’s what he does. Just Google “Al Sharpton and Dunbar Village” — prepare to be horrified.