Malia Obama

President Barack Obama’s eldest daughter Malia Obama is in the news again. This time the 18-year-old was caught smoking marijuana on camera at the Lollapalooza concert 2 weeks ago.

The teenager continues to shame her family’s good name by publicly acting out for attention.

We didn’t even know she was a smoker. But they say the apple doesn’t roll far from the tree.

President Obama was known to get high in college. One of his first official acts as president was the push to legalize marijuana.

If you recall, Malia was caught twerking on camera at a backyard BBQ during the festival. But even before that, she humiliated her father — the president — by ditching Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention to attend the music festival held in Chicago on July 28-31.

I knew that kid was going to be trouble when she was only 10 years old, and she said she had dibs on a White House bedroom before her father had even been elected president. Do you remember that? Click here if you don’t.

So far there is no reaction from the White House to the First Daughter’s latest public spectacle.

The Obamas’ other daughter Sasha Obama, 15, is a good girl who has never given her parents a moment’s trouble.

Do better, Malia.