Catholic High School

A message to meddling moms from a Catholic high school in Little Rock, Arkansas, has gone viral on

The message posted on a door at Catholic High School for Boys instructs moms to “TURN AROUND and exit the building” if they are bringing their sons’ forgotten lunch, books, homework, etc.

The school captioned the image: “Welcome to Catholic High. We teach reading, writing, arithmetic, and problem-sovling”.

‘Your sons will learn to deal and problem-solve without your meddling’ seems to be the message the school is sending to mothers who refuse to let their sons be men.

The image has been shared on more than 115,000 times since it was posted Aug. 10.

Most of the comments have been supportive and favorable.

Parents believe the school is doing the right thing by separating boys from their moms who insist on coddling them during the school day.

“Sorry, the school is correct,” wrote Facebook user Barbara Bowers. “If someone cannot remember their lunch, it will only happen once. They will learn to be a responsible adult and hopefully pass on the trend to their children as well.”

“If only ALL schools were like this,” wrote commenter Barb Shear.

This type of hands-off approach to parenting is very necessary — especially in the black community where single mothers tend to treat their sons like little boyfriends or girlfriends.