Hillary Clinton

It has been widely reported that the Clinton Foundation took in over $2 billion dollars in donations from corporations and foreign investors.

What isn't clear is what exactly did Hillary and Bill Clinton do with all that money?

One thing we know for certain is just 5.7 percent of the donations went to charity.

Breitbart.com -- The Clinton Foundation is planning to drop dozens of employees as it winds down most operations, according to a report by Politico, citing “two former Clinton Foundation officials who remain in communication with staff.”

The layoffs come after media investigations, led by Breitbart editor Peter Schweizer, whose 2015 book Clinton Cash alleged a pay-to-play pattern in which the Clintons courted donations from foreigners and businesses with matters pending before the State Department.

However, some of the cuts to the Clinton Foundation are apparently independent of the November election, and simply the result of the broader scandal surrounding the so-called “charity.”

Critics accuse the Clinton Foundation of being a tool for the self-enrichment of the Clinton family. Documents filed in 2015 suggest the foundation spent less than 6 percent of its budget on charitable grants in 2014, and “spent far more on overhead expenses like travel ($7.9 million),” the Federalist reports.

  • n1kk1a

    Poor Hillary. She just can't win, can she?

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    Foundations are a rich man's game

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    It could be worse she could be buying 6ft pictures of herself, or Tim Teebow helmets or paying off lawsuits with the donations.

  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

    I just read the True story about this.
    And at least they'll be paid until year's end ??

  • KLow

    Stop acting like a C00n, you know Breirbart is a conservative website. Guess ur still a plantation Republican. U ugly mud-duck

  • KLow

    Stop believe everything you read. This info is from a Republican website. Some blacks are so easy to fool, smdh

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    Don King is a clown for Donald Trump I see.

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    Pppfffttttt!! *kanye shrug*

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    That was a dummy that fell though.

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    As much as this dead horse gets beat, just by the few comments so far, this may the one I need to get me through the rest of the day.

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    I thought democrats had the plantation?

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    Brietbart though :ha:

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  • Django the God
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    My girl ?

    (CNN)Michelle Obama on Tuesday joked about the plagiarism controversy that engulfed Melania Trump during the Republican National Convention, delivering a dry retort when "The Late Show" host Stephen Colbert asked the first lady if she was sympathetic to the plight of a fellow political spouse.

    "Melania Trump was criticized for using what turned out to be a portion of your speech -- but do you have any sympathy? Because there are people around her creating things, and you know, I have sympathy for her. Do you understand how that might be sympathetic, for what happened to her?" the CBS host asked.

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    "Yeah, that was tough," Obama deadpanned, prompting laughs from the audience.
    Colbert also asked the first lady if she was sympathetic to political spouses who are required to stand behind partners whose political beliefs are antithetical to their own -- a premise Obama flatly rejected.
    "Do you have any sympathy for the people who have to go there and stand by the person running for president?"

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    Mud duck ??????

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    "No," Obama replied. "Because if -- you know, you have to be, you know, in it. If you're in it, and if you don't agree, you should have agreed before they ran. Bottom line is, if you didn't agree with what Barack was saying, I would not support his run. So I stand there proudly, and I hope they are, too, standing with their spouses proudly. So no, no sympathy."
    During her appearance on the show, Obama also joked around with Colbert, climbing into a blanket fort with the host (a recurring segment on the show) to discuss serious issues, like investment in education for young girls around the world, and less serious ones -- such as when a conversation about healthy eating turned into a joke about how eating too many carrots can turn someone orange.
    "And if you turn really orange, you have to start saying crazy things and run for president," Colbert cracked.

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    Idk why that was so funny to me ....where do these trolls come from ?

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    SR going to start showing up at peoples jobs and snatchin' all the cords out their shii...

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    She already showing ppl to the door ....I wonder if she was ever an usher ...

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    Lee Parker
    Homeless man who found the bo mbs in the bookbag.

    They keep calling him a hero and he says he's no hero.

    You're a hero sir! You saved many lives. Thank God...

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    Damn, I wonder do Sandra feel like Leslie Jones sometimes with all the name calling?!?

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    In a movie theater?

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    Yes! He said he still don't have a book bag. I pray those raising money for him have HIS best interest at heart.

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    Who in the hell is this @Queen? Is this a Sybil personality? She been big mad since the damn Shawty Lo post. She blocked now bc she just wouldn't get damn lost. I rarely block folks. Glad we got it tho


    Thanks for reading, the door is over yonder!!!!!

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    ?? Mud duck went too far

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    Looks like the Trump campaign owe you check as much as you promote him

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    I got a two. Shelby and Theresa

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    Did you hear that Hillary's nephew Jeff, son of Hillary and Bill’s stepsister Dianne, is a card carrying KKK member?

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    New post

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    I do not trust any high ranking politician.

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  • Saved.Sista’.Shirell

    I believe it. I wonder what "they" say about "US" behind closed doors.

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    Okay but is Jeff running for president though? Now we going to blame Hillary for Bill's stepsister's son? Come on Sandra.

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    I believe it. What did happene to the millions that people gave to the Bush/Clinton Foundation that was for Haiti's relief? They sent celebs like Beyonce and Bono to sing at that Hope for Haiti event...where s the money?? Not in Haiti from what everyone knows.... Oh and Trump made large donations to that family... Suddenly some are getting the cord?? Maybe an eary 401K....

    But she will win.. Didn't they kill another black man so her story will go under the radar??

    Black Child Production is right

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    It has been widely reported that the Clinton Foundation took in over $2 billion dollars in donations from corporations and foreign investors.
    Good ole, Killary.

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    First off, I was being sarcastic. Secondly, I couldn't care less about about this dumb chic. And thirdly, you have to be so f*cking rude. You don't even know me. Now, have a nice day, and while you're doing that, learn some manners.

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    And Trump's daddy was a KKK member. So that rotten no good apple is closer to the tree Sandra.

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    So I guess we won't be getting a story regarding Donald Trump using funds allocated for his "nonprofit" for personal use/expenses, huh?

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    Duh. Thats what they all do with the $

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  • Zizzle

    No, he's a friend of the blog.

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    Gov't handbook for Internet trolls uncovered
    'Readers no longer have to take the word of paranoid bloggers' -

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    She'll never truly win. Her closet is full of skeletons. If she becomes president, her presidency will be plagued with one scandal after another.

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    Donald Trump is a racist.
    He's so racist that there is no press coverage when he says racist things.

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    PLEASE don't hold your breath waiting for this site to report on anything negative about Trump.

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    Just vote for her. I don't even understand the need for a campaign. Like, what's the other option, ACTUALLY VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP? like let's be serious

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    These sambo's dont want to hear that Auntie they just want to do as their told and vote Democrat.

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    don't be disrespectful dun.