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Aric Babbitt Matthew Deyo

A South St. Paul, Minnesota elementary school teacher and his gay spouse died in a murder-suicide after a teenager accused them of sex abuse.

The bodies of Aric Babbitt, 40, and Matthew Deyo, 36, were found on a beach on Lopez Island on August 25.

Police say Babbitt was shot dead by Deyo who then turned the gun on himself.

Both men were under investigation for sexually abusing a 16-year-old boy. The boy told police Babbitt, a teacher at Lincoln Elementary School, became his mentor after he came out as gay to his family.

On Aug. 14, the teen went to police and alleged that Babbitt and Deyo bought him underwear gifts, plied him with alcohol and had sex with him.

The boy said he didn't want to have sex with the men but he was unsure how to say no.

The boy provided police with a Polaroid photo of himself naked with Babbitt.

At least 2 other teens came forward to say the 2 men preyed on them.

Police executed a search warrant at the mens' South St. Paul home on Aug. 16.

The search turned up a hidden camera in one of the bathrooms and a computer folder marked "Kiddies", according to the Star Tribune.

Babbitt was suspended from his teaching position pending the outcome of the investigation. He was hired by the school district in 2002.

On Aug. 24, the men borrowed a gun and ammunition from Deyo's brother. Then they flew to Lopez Island in Washington State.

A kayaker discovered their bodies on the beach the next day. Both men had been shot in the head.

A gun was recovered near the bodies along with a suicide note. Police declined to reveal the contents of the note to reporters.

But Babbitt's sister, Sara, said the family received text messages and a letter from Babbitt, saying suicide was "best for them".

“We received a letter from them in the mail yesterday,” she told Twin Cities Pioneer Press.

“We are all devastated and in a lot of pain.”

Babbitt's father, Dana, told the Pioneer Press, “We are devastated by the pain and suffering they have caused, and we pray for the healing of those families involved.”

When pressed for an additional comment, Dana Babbitt said, “We’re going through hell. This is a complete shock to us.”

  • AG

    Sigh....leave these kids alone.

  • Di Ana

    Why kill yourself if you didn't do nothing? It sounds like they could have possible been guilty.

  • Mel

    Nasty ass these people become teachers and mentors to get close to kids. A place where they supposed to feel safe they get violated

  • Mel

    They took the easy way out. Bastards

  • @yeuphonic

    Mentoring = grooming
    I've even heard gay men say they're going to "turn" straight boys (usually impressionable teens)

  • Lisa daniels

    The way i see it, justice was served and the taxespayers(me) saved some money. I wish more child molesters and rapist would off themselves.

  • Lisa daniels

    And if they aren't molesting folks kids, they are verbal or physically abusing them. Sick people

  • Lisa daniels

    They was guilty as hell.

  • Lisa daniels

    The one the right didnt give me a gay vibe.

  • ReadingIsFundamental4Real

    Is this "Stupid Men Saturday" on SR?

  • Lovezoe

    I thought this was the story about the boy bring found dead in the woods and then the two teachers bring dead too from a murder suicide.

  • KB

    More like SICK MEN SATURDAY... ?SMH. Just terrible..

  • KB

    It would seem that they felt suicide was there only recourse & eternal punishment/damnation in Hell. I truly wonder what the family is thinking about the letter they received or if somehow at some time they might've known something and could've intervened.

  • KeenReady.COM ?

    Damn...hope the boys gets help.

    Wonder what type of time these sexual deviants would have gotten?

    Good riddance...this is why I'm weary of gay people...and they want them around children? Yea right...

  • KeenReady.COM ?

    Alot of white men give me the gay vibe automatically...but it's their facial expression and eyes like they're hiding something...

  • KeenReady.COM ?

    Wasn't no possibly... obviously you didn't read the story...the boy came with naked pics of them together...

  • Lisa daniels

    Yeah thats usually the case for me but i didnt see it with r this one. He was unclockable. But he dead now.

  • KeenReady.COM ?

    He looks like a doofus but I'd have to agree lol

  • Michelle


  • Lisa daniels

    Yeah he looks stupid

  • LeBrick James

    Sad. But they saved the taxpayers a ton of money that would be spent prosecuting and incarcerating them.
    So that's one positive I guess.

  • NegraGata

    They always say Gay doesn't equate to pedophile, but I suppose there is a percentage where that would be true...

  • Skaii

    My thoughts exactly... They should all kill themselves.

  • Lisa daniels

    You wont see me shedding a tear.

  • S T

    Ok, see I thought that was just me!! Whew!! I kinda felt bad for thinking that, but they ALL give me that vibe.

  • Luv Pitties

    After reading the heading I knew it was the young one on the right who committed the murder-suicide.

  • Lisa daniels

    Why you say that?

  • KeenReady.COM ?

    Yup only other ethnic group gives me that vibe.

  • Luv Pitties

    It was something about him, a vibe. Also he was the younger one so I just figured he was the one who came up with the idea or the one who would execute it.

  • SandraRose

    It was the kiddie porn that did them in. They might have gotten away with probation if the case involved just the teenage boys. The crazy thing is child porn was legal in America when I was a kid. Adults could buy XXX-rated child porn magazines across the counter in convenience stores and gas stations.

  • S T

    Saaaaaame here!! K, I don't feel so bad now. Lol.

  • Sucker Free

    What ?

  • BLACK *I*C*E*

    These nasty bastidsss.
    That's exactly why a man is getting 30 DAYS in jail for molesting an 8 YEAR OLD.

    These sick mofos understand each other!

  • Unita Lucinda “Lucy” Freebush

    You're right. Gay doesn't equate to pedophile. Straight, gay, or whatever. A pedo is sick. Period.

  • AJ

    Sounds like it was a suicide-suicide.
    Good riddance.

  • Unita Lucinda “Lucy” Freebush

    Really? That's interesting. I'm just curious. Why would liking the same sex make you weary of gay people? Have all of the stories you have heard about pedophilia involve homosexuals? I have family, friends and associates who are gay and would beat you down (just as any HETERO would) regarding the well-being and safety of a child.

    I'm just curious.

  • KeenReady.COM ?

    What? Ima ask my momma about old are you Sandra?!

  • Unita Lucinda “Lucy” Freebush

    Goodnight Garden.

  • KeenReady.COM ?

    "Heterosexual" people that go around targeting the same sex claim to be straight...SO that's gay people targeting children. And I've said it before that my mother did statistics on the juvenile detention kids that came out as gay...EVERY LAST ONE of them had been molested by a man (don't know if these people claimed to be gay or straight either way they're gay right?) This is why I cannot and will not get behind the "I was born gay" agenda. Those that come out as gay have been "soiled" by other people...they just pushed it in the back of their minds or were too young to remember. It is a mental illness plain and simple.


    Well bye guys

  • PussyGal0re

    I pray for their families. At least they acknowledged the victim's pain & suffering. I especially pray for the victims. This must be hard. May these bastards rot in hell for preying on underage kids.

  • PussyGal0re

    They acknowledged being guilty and it was the reason for the suicides.

  • PussyGal0re

    Molesters usually place themselves in proximity to children. Schools, playgrounds, mentorship, parks, etc. They prey on kids and that's what makes their crimes even more heinous.

  • Incog-knee-gress

    But up the street from them, the other boy downstairs...his remains were found. The Lord Giveth and Taketh. Gave that one family closure. Took these fools away from here and good too. Nasty Bastards. That boy is forever changed.

  • Ni Ni

    I'm darn near 40 and i ain't never known that to be legal. Sandra, maybe you thinking about merry ol London ?.

  • MzFutureLCSW

    Glad they were caught.

  • MzFutureLCSW

    The article says, the teen had a pic.

  • Ms.Devereaux

    Hell if church ain't safe you know school ain't safest place is under a watchful loving and protective eye

  • Ms.Devereaux

    They knew bet that didn't allow the kids of the family to be alone with them

  • the guest


    They were straight up sick pedophiles preying on "kiddies" just like their computer file said. They destroyed kids lives forever but took their own to avoid responsibility.

  • yallcrazy

    Nasty weird looking selves. They just sat gay people back a thousand years. Because I remember that stereotype that they were not to be trusted with kids. But you have to watch all people that work with kids. That's exactly where they go to groom their victims. Men and women.

  • stanhope

    How did they get a gun on the plane and why Washington state? There is likely more to the story unrevealed but messing with kids is a no no.

  • ?Patty Kakes?

    Now that's some graveyard love type of sh!t right there

  • Pablo Cervantes

    Well...kudos to most of the commenters here for minimizing their own risk by staying far far away from any sort of formal education.

  • Lisa daniels


  • Lisa daniels

    The family always knows. Folks like living in denial.

  • Lisa daniels

    You right, we know someone who has admitted to as much.

  • SG


  • Roc

    Pedophiles don't always target the same sex. Ex: Jared Fogle. There are both straight men and women that molest children of the opposite sex. Pedophiles are sick people. Being Gay doesn't mean you want to sleep with children. Guess what? Every Lesbian doesn't want to sleep with every woman they see. Same goes for Gay men. There is a lot that can be learned by getting out and educating yourself.

  • Mother of 2

    Wait......they borrowed a gun then flew to Washington State?!?!?
    Why and how did they get on the plane with a gun???? A case of WMP or what!!

  • SandraRose

    Child porn magazines were big business when I was a kid. They were printed on heavy stock high quality paper and cost around $25+ each. No ads. Just full color, full page photos of children and adults engaging in every sex act u could imagine. The magazines were outlawed in the late 1970s, but possession in the privacy of your own home was still legal until the mid-1980s.

  • Louisville Is4TheBirds

    Good. Should have offed themselves b4 they merked the kids... MFers!

  • Taylordanes

    Right! Was it a private plane. ?????

  • imright

    good. glad. bye????

  • Unita Lucinda “Lucy” Freebush

    I'm trying to figure out if we are talking about pedophiles or gay people.

    I don't follow you when you say "heteros" that target the same sex and claim to be straight are gay people who target children.

    Every gay person has not been soiled or touched or doesn't remember that they have been molested. There are people who just do not like the opposite sex and may have done what their family or society thought they should do and pretended to like the opposite sex. I would rather someone be true to themself rather than destroy others and be unhappy (see DL men). Furthermore, everyone who is gay is not sexually active or act upon their desires. It's the same as being hetero and celibate.

    Lastly, if I'm understanding what you are saying, everyone that has been molested by either the same sex or the opposite according to your mother's research is gay. Does that mean the other's who are not saying they're gay are actually gay and are repressing their desires?

    I'm really trying to understand your rationale of molestation, pedophilia, and how it relates to everyone who is molested is gay.

  • Look@m3

    Now say what...are u serious!!!!

  • BlueCandy

    A computer folder marked, "KIDDIES"!... So disgusting- Good riddance!

  • AggieMom96

    Sick perverted bastards idk why parents let their babies spend extra time with a teacher. I don't need anyone downloading extra ish to my boys no thank you! Mentor my azz he was 16. Parents need to be parents and not friends.

    Hanging out with the teacher gtfoh not on my watch. I'm like I know my child special cause he mine but you as a teacher deal with hundreds of kids so why you think mine is special? Lol. I don't play that!

  • realtalkallday

    I have 3 letters for you!! I N S!!

  • KeenReady.COM ?

    Crazy...goes to google...

  • KeenReady.COM ?

    Won't disagree with you...but no gay is coming around my children. Anyone who likes shiit on their dack and uses a strap on to penetrate someone has something seriously wrong with them in my book and shouldn't be around children let alone people period.

  • Tiffany


  • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    Yuck..... Yet Michael Jackson had some type of black and white pictures of kids. They said because they were really old they were not illegal. I don't know what the attraction is.... Just weird and disgusting.

  • Roc

    I guarantee your children have been around more gay people than you can imagine. They have to go to school, camps, field trips. You don't have to have them in your home, but it isn't something you can avoid. What you need to focus on is the people you have around them. Children are molested by friends, family members, members of the clergy. Your focus is in the wrong areas. Just some friendly advice.

  • KeenReady.COM ?

    Not disagreeing with you again...let me rephrase that...VOLUNTARILY AND KNOWINGLY have them around my kids.

  • Johnniet79

    May they burn.

  • Lovelove

    Sounds like it?

  • Loyal Lifestyle

    You're absolutely right SR. I just went to Google and there it was. Disgusting though. I don't even want to think of how many innocent children were used and abused and probably committed suicide, because of some sick f?ck, personal enjoyment.

  • Purfect

    You can take a gun on the plain, but it has to be locked up in the suitcase. It can't go in the cabin, only in cargo.

  • Shira Harding-James

    They did it because they were guilty

  • Araminta Glissade Chaines

    Poetic justice

  • Junkanoo

    They should be getting raped in jail every day a pair of cowards not prepared to suffer the consequences of their actions. Sex with kids is repulsive there far too many people out there doing just that.

  • Xsjado

    Guess they were guilty after all. You don't just go and kill yourself if you didn't do anything.

    So sorry this child had to go through this. Gay, straight whatever, there are child predators everywhere.

    What these pervs did further puts a black eye on people who are lgbt, and are trying to coexist.

  • Emily post

    Molestation- Men preying on Boys..... won't see that in the Anti Bullying campaigns.

  • Lili J

    They can't... it's an addiction.

    Research the stats on pornography and sexual addictions. Too many people have no clue about this stuff.

  • Genia W-m

    Pervs preying on kids. I wonder if he preyed on students too? Ugh!!

  • Genia W-m

    What? Not where I lived.

  • Genia W-m

    And someone molested MJ when he was a kid too.

  • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    Not every victim becomes a predator though. I believe he was a victim something was wrong ...