Hilary Clinton

Hillary Clinton continues to choke on her lies.

Despite taking a few days off to rest, Clinton’s chronic cough hasn’t improved a bit.

The 69-year-old Democratic presidential candidate suffered 2 severe coughing fits after returning to the campaign trail on Labor Day.

Clinton was already hoarse from coughing when she took the stage at a small rally in Cleveland on Monday.

Watch as the sheeple applaud and cheer while she coughs and wheezes through her speech.

MSNBC cut the live coverage of her rally when her coughing fit persisted.


Later, Clinton suffered yet another coughing fit on board her new campaign plane.

She was noticeably pale and fatigued.

She couldn’t even muster the strength to open a bottle of water. “I’ll be right back,” she gasped as she retreated to the 1st class cabin.

Numerous observers note that her mysterious “doctor” was on board the plane.

The man went missing from public view after video footage of him carrying Clinton’s Valium injector surfaced last month.

After the plane landed, Clinton returned to answer a few more questions from the biased press.

Incredibly, she blamed her chronic cough on “seasonal allergies”.

She also said Donald Trump had a “bizarre attraction to dictators, including [Russian President Vladimir] Putin”.

This is the same woman who sold 20% of America’s Uranium to Putin in exchange for over $100 million in “donations” to her Clinton Foundation.

Now Putin is building top secret nuclear shelters all over Moscow in preparation for a nuclear war with the U.S.

The presidential debates should be interesting.