Iman Shumpert Teyana Taylor

A man admitted cheating on his woman today… So why is this news?

It’s news because the man is Iman Shumpert, a member of the world champion Cleveland Cavaliers. And the woman is his fiancée, singer and video model Teyana Taylor.

Taylor, 25, has been plagued with rumors of Shumpert’s rampant cheating ever since she started dating him. Most of the rumors were reported by Instagram blogger

With so many women coming forward confessing they had consensual sex with him, Taylor had to know the rumors were true.

Finally, Shumpert admitted he cheated on Taylor in an Instagram post on Friday.

He blamed his youth and immaturity (he’s 26), and he pleaded with the public to leave Taylor alone.

Other than that, there’s nothing to see here folks. We know most men cheat.

I know female industry executives — young, beautiful, smart, rich women — who gave up on men because they witnessed the rampant cheating that goes on among married rappers (I won’t name names).

At some point, women must face facts that men are put here on earth to be shared.

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