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Malia Obama

First daughter Malia Obama was spotted with a girlfriend and a small army of Secret Service agents at the Budweiser Made in America Festival in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Sunday.

The 18-year-old was seen rocking a white t-shirt with the words "Smoking Kills" scrawled on the front.

Malia also wore a ball cap with the letter H (for Harvard) on the front and a pair of impossibly short cut-off denim jeans.

Malia Obama

For once, Malia didn't make a public spectacle of herself or embarrass her parents -- President and Mrs. Barack Obama.

In August, the tabloid Radar Online published photos of Malia smoking weed at the Lollapalooza Music Festival in Chicago.

Malia was diagnosed with asthma as a child which makes her a high-risk candidate for smoke-related problems.

Prior to that, the teenager was caught on film twerking and drinking at a backyard BBQ.

The resulting media firestorm of controversy reportedly caused Michelle Obama to gain 95 pounds from anxiety.

Despite recent controversies, Malia is still scheduled to attend Harvard University in the fall of 2017.

While the president attended the G20 Summit in China, Michelle Obama invited Beyonce Knowles and her daughter Blue Ivy, 4, to spend the weekend at Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland.

The women celebrated the U.S. Labour Day weekend as well as Beyonce's 36th birthday.

Rumor has it that Mrs. Obama begged Beyonce to mentor Malia and help get her back on track.

Beyonce Bill Clinton

Coincidently, Beyonce also attended the Budweiser Music Festival in Philly on Sunday, where she was spotted shaking hands with former President Bill Clinton.

Performers at the Budweiser festival included Beyonce's pals Coldplay, rapper A$AP Ferg, and Malia's favorite musician Chance the Rapper.

  • Angela

    Ok....She is starting to annoy me...Why is her tail hanging out?....She needs to sit all the way down....

  • side_i

    Sandy...just stop, Maliah just trying to live her life.

  • ThisHarryHere

    HA!!! @ "for once" . You are on a roll...

  • Araminta Glissade Chaines

    Yasss, Maila throw that first daughter-level shade right back at the "they" who was talking all that mess. She is fabulously her and I hope she never changes.

  • AG

    Michelle got her together real fast.

  • Finding Forever…

    Prior to that, the teenager was caught on film twerking and drinking at a backyard BBQ. The resulting media firestorm of controversy reportedly caused Michelle Obama to gain 95 pounds from anxiety. Mrs. Obama begged Beyonce to mentor Malia...
    This HERE...

  • Angela

    Really?...With half her tail hanging out like that?....

  • Sucker Free

    Was Bill flirting wit Bey ?

    Malia looking like her mama ?

  • KitKat

    EVERYONE has went through a rebellious stage. Hell !!!! I'm still trying to break out of mine.

  • Daniela

    Yes she's a child let her live for crying out loud

  • Use_Coasters_aka_Sol_88

    Maliah is looking goooooodt!

    Smoking kills but that green chills!

  • Sexy CJ

    Rumor has it that Mrs. Obama begged Beyonce to mentor Malia and help get her back on track............

  • Angela

    A) I just saw Michelle do a speech the other day and she did not gain weight let alone a kindergartner and B) What could Beyoncé mentor her on that Malia's own mother and granny couldn't?..How to be drunk in love?...How to drink some darn lemonade?...What could Mrs.Carter teach her that she hasn't been taught?...

  • DiamondsDiet

    People's kids should be off limits.
    I have no comment either.
    Still love your blog.

  • Sexy CJ


  • MookieFly

    Bill looking to get a piece of that. Watch out Bey. You know him and Hilary aint smashing anymore

  • Incog-knee-gress

    Take that "u" out of OUR Labor Day. We don't spell it like your fancy Kangs English Sandra.

    Robyn didn't perform at MIA? Who cares about Ferg? Ok. Bye

  • Finding Forever…

    The 18-year-old.
    Nuff said for me. An adult at this point in time? She has graduated, pursuing HER endeavors in life, is on her way to college. She probably counts the days until she is...

  • JamaicanBreddah

    Live your life Young Ms. Harvard

  • Lisa daniels

    Rumor has it that Mrs. Obama begged Beyonce to mentor Malia and help get her back on track. ?????

  • Lisa daniels

    Maybe bill was. I thought he liked white women with dark hair.

  • Lisa daniels

    I second that

  • Wanda Morris

    Sandy ain't here on this website. The people that run this site in her name are left winged white folks. Coon Sandy sold out a while ago.
    Wake up and smell the coffe Bruh.

  • Wanda Morris

    Sandy ain't here on this website. The people that run this site in her name are left winged white folks. Coon Sandy sold out a while ago.
    Wake up and smell the coffe Bruh.

  • Loyal Lifestyle

    3rd here

  • Kilroy

    Sandra R, you funny!?

  • Sleepy One

    Thank you, she's trying to be a normal teenager...leave her alone.

  • GuestSTAR

    Leave this Chile alone, SMH. BET, the urban blogs didn't bat an eye when the Bush girls were drinking and driving, partying up a storm.

  • GuestSTAR

    You sure their 'left wing' and not EXTREME right wingers'??

  • i troll it like i see it

    Oh god i couldn't even IMAGINE if people took pictures and blogged about me at Malia's age and thru my early 20s! I had a blast clubbing with my girlfriends, going to spring break events, black beach week and bike week events, taking road trips, going to concerts and just partying and having fun! And since i was a tiny size 4 back then, my attire was scarce! I say flaunt it while you got it (if you got it)! After 30 it's going to be hard as heck to keep the fat off! you may never see that tight little body you used to have again! Truthfully, she is not doing anything many of us did! You are really only young once! After you get older, sure, you can try to "recapture" your youth and dress half naked and do the most after a certain age if you want but it really isn't the same. Folks really will just think you are going through a mid life crises. Believe it or not you can have a balance in life because i did all this and still took care of myself full time working and going to school on my own! I wish people would let the girl be! It must be terrible having this kind of scrutiny all the time, knowing how fleeting this time in your life is!

  • che’lint

    What is that session like.???. 'girl you gat to dip it low and stay on yo feet' ???

  • Luvn_it

    Ok we have already clarified that 95lb weight gain story was straight bs with a side of hate. And how could you leave out Rih and she was the headliner for the show? What she do to you Sandy??

  • che’lint


  • Luvn_it

    Sandra seems to be mad at her for some reason.

  • Anna Maria

    Sandra Rose doesn't like black people, especially if they are of a lighter complexion than she. She is also a right wing Republican lover. I wonder what she's going to do when President Obama and his family leave the White House? I guess she will start picking on Chelsea Clinton's children. She won't dare touch Donald Trump's family because she loves herself some right wingers.

  • Anna Maria

    I would think they're right wing since she always attacks the left wing.

  • Anna Maria

    I don't even consider what she did to be rebellious. She could have been out there on the corner or snorting coke. What she did is pretty tame, considering that old women and little kids twerk.

  • barbeez

    Malia needs to really straighten up. A lot of people were disappointed in her weed smoking incident. She's better than that. Whether she wants to be or not she is a role model to young girls....particularly black girls.

  • barbeez

    No everyone does not. All we need is for her to come up unwed and pregnant. I made sure I never became a static. I was taught better than that and so was she.

  • barbeez

    If you feel that way, why do you come to her website?

  • starbright9449

    In other news, Sandra makes herself look like an idiot again.

  • starbright9449

    Weed is actually very healthy. When you're conditioned to think that something natural should be restricted, outlawed and is wrong... You know something is wrong. I cook it and put it in my food.

  • starbright9449

    Straighten up, so they saw her smoking once and doing a little twerk, yet she seemed to be the perfect child since Obama got into office. Let the 18 yr old live a little. She isn't even a quarter as bad as the Bush girls.

  • I aint the one

    She was there with Uncle Jay and Aunty Yonce. Did ya'll see her swaying in the audience with Jay and Bey when Chance the Rapper got on stage to sing happy birthday to Bey? So cute.

  • Django the God


  • Wanda Morris

    I don't know what version of this racist and Obama hating website you looking at.
    Coon Sandy was left winged before she was bought out
    Just pay attention

  • Prettybootnikki

    Dang. Julese must be really tall (spelling) Because jay z is pretty tall and Beyoncé is tall too.

  • Lisa daniels


  • Queen B

    I think she was being facetious

  • fromanotherplanet

    QUEENS. Stay mad, haters.

  • iyonah

    I think Auntie still writes 80% of these post.

  • iyonah

    I think Auntie still writes 80% of these post.

  • product of 79

    She got her glasses on today LOL... She was being sarcastic... Becky pulled up early so they wouldn't smoke on public ?? she still smoking ?

  • R in NYC

    Well those Bush girls kept getting caught underage drinking in bars so whip dee Doo.....even First Kids go through growing pains. Let the girl grow up. Now if she starts doing heroin or selling herself, then we should be worried.

  • R in NYC

    Exactly. Never understood her hatred towards Obama. Now it's time to dawg out his kids? Can someone please explain why Sandra dislikes our black president so much?

  • R in NYC

    Kind of like Jacky over there on Diary of a Hollywood Street King? He doesn't even post anymore. All the posts are by some Sasha B. Chick.

  • what?why

    Mentor Malia ? Malia is only living what she has been taught - remember Momma brought her to Beyonce concerts and the message was to a child - this is cool and alright to twerk, sexualize yourself. So you reap what you sow.


    The President's daughter are like Pastor children, they are loose as a goose! Nah just kidding she's a teenager doing her even if it’s doing things we don’t think she should do, its life and it’s her life at that.

  • sunni_daze

    Malia and Sasha were partying with the Carters. I just think she needs to add another inch of material to those shorts

  • sunni_daze

    Which she clearly gets from RWS line for line letter for letter.

  • NaeNae2015

    Main stream media did not jump on this, thank God!!!

  • CC

    Kids will be kids and Malia is a 18 year old that just happens to be watched every second of everyday .... She still needs to do her and find out what Malia likes

  • LibraGirlonly

    Malia looks great and she is doing just fine. Hatin Arse people are a trip.

  • ImNotThatGrl

    Bey smokes weed too so who is she to mentor Malia? If anything she can teach her how to hide it better . . . The girl is obviously going through her rebellious phase all we can do is hope it doesn't last too long

  • scentsychick30

    Seems like few weeks ago Malia was seen twerking I doubt Mrs Obama put on that much weight since then.?

  • tisha

    She is a typical teenager at 18 alot was doing worse let it go already. Those shorts and shirt are cute!

  • JerseyMom

    Lawd, this child is about to turn up at Harvard.

  • Glorious Sun

    let the girl be the teenager that she is. I am quite sure a lot of us was doing much worse at 18 than smoking weed (which is LEGAL in DC BTW) and twerking...

  • Zizzle

    Teach the children, Malia. You live, you learn, and old hatin' azz crones try to bring you down.

  • NegraGata

    It was brought to my attention over the weekend that Malia was in fact NOT smoking anything. Look at the picture closely, you will see a lady with sunglasses on the end/edge of her lens is what looks like Malia is holding something, but in fact she just had her fingers to her lips. I'm glad that mystery has been solved.

  • Tea??

    She's funny I like her & she's going to Harvard. Go head girl

  • SpiceGirl

    can you imagine living a sheltered life and being able to do you after awhile...Let the child live...sheesh!

  • Storm’s Rage!

    I think she meant cigarettes, smoking from the Tree of Life is elevating. lol

  • Monday

    Parents do this to their kids. Wear a shirt, a sign, video appologies etc...

    What happen to old school beat down when kids don't behave

  • TexasMocha

    Sandra herself is not a fan of the Obamas

  • Dr.Rue

    I'd be worried too, all those privileged White kids and one Black girl...I'm suspicious of Black ppl with only White friends lol. I hope Sasha has at least one Black friend. :D

  • TheGeminiCusp

    Beyonce as a mentor? Now that's priceles....last time I check she was still working on her GED

  • TheGeminiCusp


  • Wanda Morris

    She ain't here Bruh. Left Wing White Folks run this site. Pay Attention on who they Hate. If Kanye or Beyonce donate their entire fortune to the poor this site will never say anything positive about them or the Obamas. They find fault in everything they do. They have other Black people they hate too. Pay attention. I just started revisting this site to see what they are doing and it is the same old Shitz. I stopped a while ago cause I caould not stand one more insult. I see right through these White Folks. Won't be revisiting anytime soon thats for sure. Blacks need to Boycott this Racist Azz Website.


  • Django the God