Terrence Crutcher

Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma released video footage showing Terence Crutcher walking slowly toward his SUV while officers yelled orders at him to stop. He didn’t stop.

Was this a case of suicide by cop?

The video footage clearly shows Crutcher walking toward his SUV with his hands in the air. There is an audible pop from a taser fired at him. But Crutcher continued walking toward his truck.

The incident occurred September 16, 2016 in Tulsa. According to police reports, a woman called 911 to report a truck blocking the roadway.

She said the driver ran from the truck, saying it was about to explode.

When the female officer arrived on the scene she radioed for assistance, saying Crutcher was uncooperative.

Video footage from a police helicopter shows Crutcher walking with his hands up as at least 5 officers approached him from behind with guns drawn.

A male officer off-camera said Crutcher looks like “a bad dude”.

Crutcher was shot by the female cop as he reached into his truck.

The death of a black men and father is tragic. But could his death have been prevented?

White police officers are afraid of black males. That is a fact. Why do anything to provoke them?

Why was Crutcher walking toward his SUV while officers yelled at him to stop? And why did he put his hands in his truck?

Didn’t he know these unexplained actions would provoke the white officers to overreact violently?

A case of suicide by cop must be considered before we overreact.

Watch the video footage below.