Hillary Clinton Donald Trump

Most political analysts and polls agree Donald Trump was the clear winner in the first head-to-head presidential debate against Hillary Clinton on Monday night.

The first ominous sign that things wouldn’t go well for Clinton was her name misspelled on the debate tickets. Instead of Hillary Clinton, a Trump supporter misspelled her name “Hilary” Clinton.

Things went downhill for Clinton from there.

Although she was well prepared for Monday’s debate — who wouldn’t be if you knew all the questions in advance? — Trump hammered Clinton on her racist remark about young black men being “super predators”.

The moderator was NBC News’ Lester Holt who clearly favored Clinton. He frequently interrupted and fact-checked Trump while allowing Clinton to ramble on unchecked.

Holt, who has always voted Republican, was a disgrace to his party Monday night. Bill Clinton might as well have moderated the debate.

Holt did not ask Clinton about her illegal email server, or her lies about Benghazi, or her Clinton Foundation taking pay-for-play donations from foreign donors.

Clinton hit a low point when she told Holt “everyone is implicitly biased,” meaning all Americans are racist including black people.

And while Holt asked insignificant questions about the ‘birther’ controversy and Trump’s taxes, he didn’t ask Clinton about the $150 million she was paid to help architect the 2008 housing crash.

But the polls don’t lie and Trump was the clear winner in most polls following the debate.

CBS News contributor Bob Schieffer said Clinton did not win any new voters on Monday.

“I don’t think Donald Trump lost any votes tonight, I’m not sure Hillary Clinton gained any votes tonight,” Schieffer said during CBS News’ post-debate coverage.

Monday night was the first presidential debate. The 2nd debate is scheduled for Sunday, October 9, 2016, and the third and final debate will be held Wednesday, October 19, 2016.

Who do you think won last night’s debate? Be honest.

Hillary Clinton Donald Trump