Adrienne Bailon Israel Houghton

Gospel singer Israel Houghton and daytime talk show host Adrienne Bailon shared photos from their aggressively feminine wedding shower on social media.

Houghton, 45, is probably feeling a bit pressured from their whirlwind engagement. He probably feels like he’s in a wind tunnel right now.

Any man would feel stressed if he was pushed into a quickie engagement less than 6 months after announcing his divorce from his wife of 20 years.

Houghton and the 32-year-old former Cheetah Girls singer got engaged in Paris, France in August. He announced his divorce from Meleasa Houghton in March.

A difference of only 5 months.

Bailon is so desperate to get married that she didn’t give the poor guy a chance to breathe fresh air as a single man before she dragged him down the aisle.

The ticking from her maternal clock is growing louder, but he already has 4 children.

Adrienne Bailon Israel Houghton

Relationship experts agree that when desperate women rush men down the aisle, the chances of divorce within the first 2 years skyrockets.

Bailon insisted that they attend the normally all-girl affair together because she can’t bear to be apart from him. That’s not a good sign.

Bailon called off her engagement to Roc Nation executive Lenny Santiago last September, after 6 years with no ring.

She reportedly met Houghton after his marriage had already begun to fail. Houghton swears Bailon had nothing to do with ruining his marriage. But he does admit he “failed and sinned” in his marriage nearly 3 years ago.

Like a typical Love Addict (women who love the idea of being in love), Bailon is busy flaunting and flossing every detail of her engagement on social media. That’s not a good sign.

Rushing into any life-altering situation without careful thought and planning shows spectacularly poor judgment.