Donald Trump Billy Bush

When television personality Billy Bush threw presidential candidate Donald Trump under the bus, he probably thought he would escape unscathed.

NBC leaked an audio tape to the Washington Post of a vulgar conversation Bush had with Trump about women’s body parts in 2005.

The decade old audio caused quite a commotion among the liberal news media, who heavily favor Hillary Clinton for president.

But Trump’s supporters only yawned after hearing the audio.

After the commotion died down, NBC fired Bush from his Access Hollywood gig amid rumors that he regularly sexually harassed his female co-workers.

Bush retaliated by threatening to file a lawsuit against NBC for leaking the audio to the Post.

But NBC points to a a “morality clause” in Bush’s contract as grounds for termination.

Multiple sources told Page Six Bush is out at “Today” because of his Trump “grab ’em by the pu**y” tape, though NBC News is weighing when to make the announcement.

An NBC insider told us: “Billy is technically fired. It’s just a matter of time. NBC isn’t ready to announce it yet. They are negotiating his exit.” Bush was suspended from “Today” on Sunday.

In crisis mode, Bush, 44, has been looking to hire a “high-power fixer.” But at least he was smart enough to refuse Trum”’s offer to “help” with some positive p.r.

A tipster added: “Trump offered to handle some of the press, but Billy thinks his best course of action is to keep his distance.”