Jordan pregnant

Khloe Kardashian is caught up in more baby mama drama. Kardashian’s current NBA boyfriend is Tristan Thompson, center for the NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers.

As you know, Kardashian only dates professional athletes, whom she treats as her personal ATM cash dispensers for 24-hour withdrawals.

According to Instagram blog Teatenders, Kardashian, 32, met 25-year-old Thompson at Kevin Hart‘s wedding to Eniko Parrish in August.

Thompson was invited because he was dating Eniko’s cousin, Jordan, who was pregnant with Thompson’s baby.

As soon as Jordan turned her back, Kardashian — seeing dollar signs — shamelessly made her move on the gullible Thompson at the wedding reception.

Jordan, who will be a single mother, recently celebrated at her baby shower with close friends. Thompson and Kardashian were not invited.

If Thompson and Kardashian are still together when the baby is born, she will be forced to share Thompson’s NBA check with Jordan. Considering his annual salary is $14.26 million, there’s plenty of cash to go around.

Peep the details below.

Jordan pregnant