Kim Kardashian

Do you need any more proof that Kim Kardashian and her family are broke and mired in debt? Kardashian, 35, was allegedly robbed of her diamond wedding ring and other trinkets in Paris last week. She wasted no time filing an insurance claim for $5.6 million.

Industry insiders whisper that Kardashian is broke after hemorrhaging money on unnecessary expenditures. She is hoping the insurance company will approve the payout in a timely manner so she can pay off her and Kanye West’s massive debts.

Now it all makes sense. Kardashian knew she couldn’t get away with a fake robbery on American soil because there are too many surveillance cameras in her neighborhood.

So she waited until she went to France where the French government limits the use of surveillance cameras to protect the privacy of the citizenry.

According to Kardashian, 5 masked men allegedly tied her up and “locked” her inside a bathroom — this despite the fact that bathrooms are locked from the inside.

The mother-of-2 claimed the robbers made off with 13 pieces of jewelry, including her 20 karat diamond ring valued at $4 million.