Omega Psi Phi

I don’t know what’s going on here. I’m not sure what it means when a frat brother drops his drawls in a room full of hard legs and scant few women.

The most I can tell is this is a homecoming celebration at an American University.

If you have any complaints about what you see in the clips below, blame your President Obama for making homosexuality an attractive option to young black men.

HIV/AIDS among black men is now at the forefront of the AIDS epidemic.

Two entire generations of black men are lost — thanks to Obama and the Democrats. Our people are so afraid of a real man that they would rather vote for a sick old woman to be president.

I just hope the black race can survive after this generation.

Thanks to loyal reader n1kk1a for the tip.

WARNING: Videos contain partial nudity.

Wayment !! What's going on here Que-Dawgs ? #OmegaPsiPhi Tag a Que-Dawg ???

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Pi Chapter, Morgan State University Homecoming 2016. #omegapsiphi

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