women selling tea

These innocent looking photos of 2 Muslim women selling tea on the street in Saudi Arabia have sparked outrage around the world.

The oil rich Saudi Capital of Riyadh cut back on paying oil dividends to its citizens while urging its citizenry to go out and find skilled and unskilled jobs.

As a result, Saudi women are working outside of their homes, according to Breitbart.com.

In the photos circulating on social media, 2 young women are seen selling tea from a stall set up on a street corner in Riyahd.

Women’s rights are nearly non-existent in Saudi Arabia. Most women must depend on their husbands or the Saudi government to provide for them.

The average monthly salary for men in Riyadh is 15,722 SAR or $4,245 U.S. dollars a month.

“Work is not a shameful thing but I wouldn’t want to see our daughters sinking this low, especially as long as our natural resources are plentiful and are disseminated around the world,” tweeted wrote one user.

He added: “May Allah punish the corrupt”.

Another Twitter user blamed foreign feminists for corrupting their women.

“It’s all because of the foreigners, who are allowed to do whatever they want.”

“Will these women’s rights activists be required to find work for these respectable girls? Of course not. All they want [is] depraved freedom.”

Twitter user Albandari wrote: “Work is not shameful but in all honesty nobody would want to see his mother or sister do this job, for heavens’ sake.”.