Alicia Keys In NYC

Superstar Alicia Keys got up close and personal with her fans at Best Buy flagship store on Fifth Avenue. Most celebrities sit behind a desk or stand behind bodyguards at album signings. Not Alicia Keys. She showed up unannounced and surprised her fans in the store. She didn’t leave until every last album was signed.

Alicia Keys In NYC

You can tell when a woman is content and happy with her self-image. Alicia let go of one of her biggest fears: to never leave the house without makeup on. When you reach that plateau in life, you don’t care what anyone thinks.

Nelly and Kelly Rowland at Drais Nightclub

Media mogul Nelly and singer Kelly Rowland pose on the red carpet at Nelly and Rowland’s One-Night-Only Performance for his birthday weekend at Drai’s Nightclub Las Vegas. Why didn’t anyone tell me Kelly was bow legged?

Photos: Judy Eddy/

Blair Underwood in Queens

Actor Blair Underwood relaxed on location while shooting an episode of ABC TV series Quantico in Queens, New York.

Pearl Thusi in Queens

‘Quantico’ cast member Pearl Thusi resembled a light skinned Pam Grier while shooting on location in Queens, New York.