Vincent Herbert Tamar Braxton

Music executive Vincent Herbert, 47, and 39-year-old studio singer Tamar Braxton celebrated their 8th year wedding anniversary today (Nov. 27).

Notice how Braxton is exhibiting the classic closed position with both arms crossing the center of her body?

Also notice how she is shifting her body away from Herbert, almost as if she is turning her back to him.

Experts say the closed body position is the brain’s unconscious way of saying the person she is with is making her uncomfortable.

By crossing her arms she is placing a barrier in front of her to protect herself from harm.

Herbert appears to be desperately holding on to the past, while Braxton knows the past is long gone.

Probably the only thing keeping them together is their 3-year-old son, Logan, who needs both a mommy and daddy (at least until he is 7).

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