The Game

West coast rapper The Game has been ordered to pay a former reality show contestant a $7 million judgment in a $10 million sexual assault case that was originally filed in 2015 in Chicago, Illinois.

After four days of deliberation a jury found the 36-year-old rapper liable for damages in the sexual assault case filed by Priscilla Rainey, a former contestant on the rapper's reality TV show 'She's Got Game'.

Game plans to file an appeal to either reduce or toss out the court's judgment.

Rainey was handpicked for the show by reality show veteran Laura Govan.

The Game, whose real name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor, accused Rainey of retaliating against him after she was kicked off his show in May 2015.

The show aired from August 2015 through October 2015 before it was canceled.

Rainey filed the lawsuit claiming she suffered "physical, psychological and emotional damages" as a result of Taylor's unwanted sexual advances.

In a court document, Rainey said she was led to believe she was going on a date with Taylor at an Illinois bar.

Once inside the bar, she said a "highly intoxicated" Taylor slid his hand up her dress and fondled her privates.

Taylor has denied rumors that he bedded -- or attempted to bed -- all of the contestants on his show.

  • Blaque Mahogany

    Hmmm. Interesting.

  • Incog-knee-gress

    Yall have it. Feeding time for my fat ass.

  • harley_quinn2.0

    I can't stand his ass so I don't care.

  • Blaque Mahogany

    I wonder if she would have filed a suit had she won? And I wonder why she didn't leave voluntarily...

    He just knew he was going to win this case though. Wonder if he and Laura are still friends. If I'm not mistaken her and the girl were cool before the show.

  • L.T.L. Since 2007

    I wonder if Keke will sue him for posting a vid insinuating her giving him head.

  • Blaque Mahogany

    KeKe who?

  • tintin

    This girl was a problem from the start of the show. once she saw GAME realized the thot thirstiness and wasn't feeling her, it was clear she had a plan. She's a bitter sore loser and that's why she sued. But good for her, free money for being a THOT

  • L.T.L. Since 2007

    Palmer. They were taking shots. Then the vid goes to him "getting head" then her popping back up later.

  • SandraRose

    It is not sexy for a man to be so desperate and thirsty for attention on social media.

  • harley_quinn2.0

    Agreed! It's pathetic.

  • Keesh5000

    Where he gonna get it from.... O, SHE WILL WAIT!! HELLLLOOOOOOOOOO

  • Keesh5000

    But it is for a Woman?

  • Libra80sBaby

    Girl.....I dont know what to say. I watched the show. trust me, she WANTED them hands baby.

  • Libra80sBaby

    Game bytch made-ish. But STILL fine tho.

  • iWasteTime

    7 Million what?
    Pennies, acorns, ??

  • harley_quinn2.0

    Once inside the bar, she said a “highly intoxicated” Taylor slid his hand up her dress and fondled her privates.

    So he grabbed her by the p???y

  • Libra80sBaby


  • KLow

    is she a man or a women

  • Keesh5000

    Get herrrrrr right....Aint nothing wrong with grabbing chicks by the puzzy...Ask our new President...its so legal, please dont waste the court time with this mess. Hope Sandra dont get grabbed by that CAT one day. We aint gonna believe you boo

  • Keesh5000

    He grabbed a cock and hit her in the eye. She need to be suing for assault

  • Keesh5000

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  • Keesh5000

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  • Sucker Free

    Isn't she transjennered

  • Keesh5000

    Rappers be getting tricked so hard by them transgenders... That story with Black Youngsta and that lil Tranny from Texas is TRUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEE. I got reciepts!!!

  • Renee26

    Now he should have known even though the girls signed up for it he still had to ASK permission....I suppose he felt entitled to the bussy (she looks like a trans gender) just because he had some 1 on 1 time with shim.

  • Renee26


  • missmiami305

    She came up for real. I hope she flips this money and makes it last a lifetime.

  • 100milesperhour

    She'll be waiting just as long as Rick Ross's b/m will to collect from Fifty. Don't quit your day job.

  • Roderick2011

    He'll file bankruptcy just like 50.

  • Renee26

    From the looks of that defined brow line and protruding chin she is lol

  • Renee26

    That's probably why he was grabbing in that region...I have no idea who that other person is

  • thehumble1

    He round here bragging about smashing not 1 but 3 Kardashians what he really doing is the Trump LOL "grabbing Pu***y's" smh

  • Lolalao

    Just use mother It's windy as heck in Baltimore..?

  • Lolalao


  • i troll it like i see it

    Well that's kindddd of what he gets...,.

  • Readytochokemothernatureonout

    I love his charitable side not his big mouth and never watched the show and hope they got it right is all I'll say.

  • Bossy704

    He thought he was getting a freebie. With her being a friend of Laura's he should have known she wasn't going for that. Aw well...Good for her.

  • Petty Patty Cakes

    No, but it's a much more distasteful trait in men

  • We Can Do This

    This should teach him to keep his hands to himself.

  • CapricornIce

    Game looks like one of those guys that stay in the mirror more than you.

  • bella28498 .

    Black men are stupid he could've just bought her a car then copped a feel but nope black men think everything free now he's out of 7 milli

  • The Dutchess

    I know he's pissed at Laura How you're my friend & going to introduce me to a scammer

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    It is a bad look all around. But speaking specifically abt men, it is NOT masculine.

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    It is a bad look all around. But speaking specifically abt men, it is NOT masculine.

  • Keesh5000

    But I know a lot of Men that are not Gay but have female ways because they were raised around all women... Imagine a man raised in a house with A mother and 8 sisters but is not Gay... He loves Women and sometimes you will see characteristics of that in him that reflect his up bringing.

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    Understood. But, in this case, Game is ALWAYS hyper-masculine. Then turns around & argues with women, threatens women & sexually inappropriate with women.
    Game, does too much and it is not attractive.

  • Soon2BWife

    7 mil for a hand in the panties and a feel?

  • Soon2BWife

    Trump would be so proud!

  • Torae

    Does he have 7mill to give?

  • scentsychick30
  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    The game fine ?

  • Hater

    «Money for nothin and chicks for free»

  • cireewol

    so true

  • morenYAHdelsur

    LOL shaded Laura Govan! And this nicca is known for doing just that ?

  • Ladyvil

    Really Game you should grow up already! You prolly got some gray hairs by now somewhere. You look real stupid acting 16-20 years old!! Ijs

  • Genia W-m

    All these abusers have sons too. Trump, The Game, Dr. Dre, etc. Ugh!!!

  • Jussjess25

    Sad part is the women wont get a quarter! Cause the man dont have it. trust..

  • Israel Y

    He thought his celebrity would make her ok with it. I do not like the game. Im glad she did what she did.

  • Israel Y

    So we're comparing men to women now in that sense now? Feminism has you that pressed? Just stop.

  • Njay

    Damn would love some Dgame dick all up in my ass. Hot ass hell. Sexual assault me all you can. Love it.

    Sandra stop hating on the LGBT community. Not cool

  • Ant Hill

    Kill yoself batty bwoy.

  • Doink_Ahanahue


    But I do have to ask:
    What do these Reality Show Hoes think they are going on a SHOW to "date" a person for? Their own "15 minutes"? How do you act like you thought there would be no advances, etc in that genre of show?

    "NO" definitely means no, but this was her meal ticket and she planned to do something along this line in my opinion. Again, not absolving his responsibility as he should be smarter than that, but still, you have to wonder...

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  • Benita Renee’


  • Michelle

    Omg! You typed my thoughts exactly!...

  • Michelle

    She looks like a "he" in that particular photo.

  • ?Patty Kakes?

    Oh my god. I didn't realize Game was that damn sexy???

  • itsjismemelly

    i think she was jis very bitter about him not choosing her smh

  • Sophie Dahl

    That does look like what use to be a guy.