Duval twins

Alexandria Duval, whose twin sister died when the car they were in fell off a cliff in Hawaii, has been charged in her sister’s death. Duval, a 38-year-old yoga instructor, was arrested Friday outside her home in Albany, NY, CBS News reports.

Duval tried to escape but the New York State police quickly apprehended her. She was booked into the Albany County jail where she awaits extradition back to Hawaii to face trial.

The bizarre case unfolded on May 29 in Hana, Hawaii, when Alexandria and Anastasia Duval got into a heated, hair pulling shouting match while driving on scenic Hana Highway.

Witnesses saw the two women fighting over the steering wheel of the Ford Explorer when they saw the vehicle accelerate before taking a sharp left over the cliff.

The car plunged 200 feet to the jagged rocks below and landed on the passenger side.

Anastasia, who was on the passenger side, died instantly. Alexandria survived her minor injuries.

A judge later dropped a murder charge against her due to insufficient evidence. She was released from jail and she returned to her home in upstate NY.

But the Maui prosecutor refused to close the case. They say Alexandria, also known as Alison Dadow, intentionally drove the car off the cliff.

A grand jury indicted Alexandria on second-degree murder last month and a warrant was issued for her arrest.