Electoral College

Final vote tallies shows President Donald Trump won the election by a staggering 3 million votes over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. The vote tallies don’t include the Democratic strongholds of California and New York.

Update: I see that some of you are confused about the point of this post. The reason I left NY and California out of the equation is to show how easily those 2 states can sway the presidential election if there was no Electoral College.

Clinton won the popular vote by 4.2 million in California and 1.6 million in NY state. But Trump trounced her in the popular vote everywhere else.

This is further proof that the Electoral College is crucial to preserving our Democracy and maintaining fairness in America’s election process.

The Electoral College voted unanimously on Monday to confirm Trump as president. He moves into the White House on January 20, 2017.

If America’s forefathers didn’t add the Electoral College to the U.S. Constitution, no Republican president would be elected after Abraham Lincoln.