AJ Johnson

AJ Johnson‘s unnatural physique is all the buzz on social media. Photos of the 53-year-old actress’ body have gone viral on social media.

Johnson claims her amazing abs are “made in the kitchen with consistent clean food NOT sit ups and hundreds of crazy ab exercises!!!” But it’s doubtful she’s telling the whole story.

Any honest body builder will tell you diet and exercise alone won’t give you the ripped abs that bodybuilders crave. Johnson’s body is unnatural for a 23-year-old woman, much less a 53-year-old woman.

Honest bodybuilders will admit they added a little something extra to their regimen — such as steroids or surgery.

AJ Johnson

At age 53, Johnson is probably in menopause which means her hormone levels have all declined. Johnson is very likely taking hormone replacement therapy which includes the male sex hormone Testosterone.

That would explain her ripped abs which you don’t get from diet and exercise alone — regardless of what she says.

Johnson posted her diet regimen on her Instagram page. But don’t be fooled. Following her daily regimen alone will not give you a body like hers. It’s just unnatural.

AJ Johnson

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