Lee Daniels

Lee Daniels is here to save America. The sensitive, openly gay director cares so much about America that he sacrifised a black actress’ spot so he could make the star of his TV series Caucasian.

Star is a new scripted TV musical that follows the tribulations of an all-girl group modeled after En Vogue and Destiny’s Child. 25-year-old actress Jude Demorest plays Star Davis, a 18-year-old starry-eyed, down-on-her-luck singer who pursues fame and fortune after her mother dies.

Many say President Barack Obama divided this nation like no other president before him. Obama’s historic presidency ushered in the rise of terrorist group ISIS and the American militant group Black Lives Matter — who some believe is a domestic terrorist organization.

There’s no doubt that America needs healing after these last 8 years.

“I thought that it was important to address race relations in America,” Daniels said during an appearance on daytime talk show The Real. “We are, truly I believe, in a civil war. And I think that when we understand that we’re all one that we’ll then understand America. And America is still to be understood by us.”

“I think that this white girl is so fabulous that black people will embrace her, and white people will embrace her,” Daniels said of Jude Demorest’s character.