Mike Epps

A homosexual fan was manhandled and roughly tossed out of a venue after he accused comedian Mike Epps of being “homophobic”.

Norman Freeman sent this video to Instagram blog The Shaderoom after his violent encounter with Epps’ security.

First of all, telling a heterosexual male that he has a “little ass dick” was probably not the best way to resolve this conflict.

Secondly, “homophobia” is the most misused and incorrect terminology in this situation. By definition, it means fear of homosexuality or fear of homosexuals.

If a celebrity (or anyone) doesn’t want to take a photo, that’s his prerogative. That doesn’t make him intolerant of all gays. He probably doesn’t like loud, flaming, in-your-face gays.

Norman denies being “thirsty for exposure”.

All y’all haters can get the F*&% off his page.

The disturbance from another angle.

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