Omar Slim White

After the break, friend of the blog Omar “Slim” White shares his unique perspective on Life.

By Omar “Slim” White:

Millions of women have marched.

Millions of people have protested.

Millions of people have cracked jokes and made memes.

Ironically millions of people aren’t coming together to fight companies who manufacture dangerous chemicals for your food.

Millions of people aren’t marching to stop major companies from polluting the ocean.

Millions of people aren’t fighting the establishment to prevent them from spraying the sky with chemicals.

Millions aren’t holding the medical industry accountable for their methods in how disease is treated.

Millions aren’t fighting watered down education taught in school.

How can people be angry at public figures performing at the inauguration but still work for the same system as Donald Trump?

In other words if you work a 9-5 you’re still feeding a system that’s destructive. If you work a 9-5 you’re still being paid by an employer who pays taxes to a system that the president works for. Even if you’re self employed you’re still feeding a destructive system through the contribution of your energy.

So guess what my beautiful people?

We’re ALL responsible as we’re ALL participating in the same system that will eventually SELF destruct.

As long as you’re breathing then you’re responsible for the conditions of society.

Stop looking for leaders, become ONE.

Stop depending on politicians become ONE. Become who you need to become in order to maximize your GOD giving talent and abilities. Figure out your purpose in life. Reprogram your mind. Figure out who you are and what contributions do you bring to the planet. Until we come together collectively and prioritize our energy then we’ll always pick and choose the wrong battles.

We must change our priorities and use that aggressive energy more righteously. Use that passion to fight for the preservation of sacred waters and land. Use that passion to fight for the preservation of resources.

Millions are marching but yet run to the same restaurants designed to destroy the human body. Who’s the real enemy? Is it someone who performed at the inauguration or is it someone who has the intentions on destroying you?

Figure out your real enemies so that you can fight them.

~Omar Slim White~

Omar Slim White

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