Ron DeVoe Shamari Fears

Congratulations to New Edition original member Ron DeVoe. The 49-year-old Atlanta businessman and his faithful wife, former singer Shamari Fears, are expecting their first child together!

Fears, an original member of the R&B girl group Blaque, is expecting her first baby at the high risk age of 37.

Doctors recommend having babies by age 30 to avoid complications of a high risk pregnancy due to the advanced age of the eggs. Pregnancy risks are higher for mothers age 35 and older. The risks include Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), gestational diabetes, stroke, autism, high blood pressure, preeclampsia, the potentially deadly eclampsia, and more.

The couple apparently waited until they were financially stable and emotionally prepared for a new addition to their family.

“GOD has blessed us with the greatest! —> A #NEWEDITION TO OUR FAMILY,” Ron gushed on Instagram on Wednesday.

Thanks to loyal reader MissMiami305 for the tip.