Kellyanne Conway can’t catch a break. The senior consultant to President Donald Trump was taking photos of her boss in a meeting at the White House when all hail broke loose on social media.

The problem? Kellyanne put her feet on the sofa in the Oval Office.

White House press pool photos taken during a meeting between Trump and leaders of historical black colleges show Conway preparing to take a photo with her smartphone.

Kyle Griffin, a Hillary Clinton supporter at MSNBC, tweeted the photo first.

He stirred the hornet’s nest by instigating: “Trying to imagine the reaction if any Obama admin. official sat on a couch in the Oval like that.”

Trump supporters immediately tweeted photos of former President Obama putting his shoes on the antique desk in the Oval Office, where many presidents sat.

But that didn’t sway leftwing nuts like sports commentator Keith Olbermann, who search for any reason to discredit and malign the Trump administration.