Bill de Blasio

Thanks to NY Mayor Bill de Blasio, 11 babies in the New York area are infected with herpes. Some of the babies have herpes-related brain damage.

According to the NY Daily News, de Blasio overturned the Health Department’s order prohibiting Jewish mohels from performing a circumcision ritual that involves sucking the blood from a baby’s penis.

Since de Blasio overturned the Health Department’s order, 11 baby boys have been diagnosed with herpes.

via NY Daily News — Until this month. Now we know: 11 infant boys were infected in the three years and three months of de Blasio’s term — outpacing seven over the preceding eight years.

All of the recently infected are alive. And well? The boy in the most recent case was hospitalized for two weeks. Some babies with herpes suffer brain damage.

“I’m not happy about the outcome,” Mayor de Blasio said of the awful results, “and I don’t think those community leaders did all they could have done.”