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A new study published in the JAMA shows that people who suffer from gender identity disorders are overrepresented in the military by 2-1 when compared to the civilian population.

Gender dysphoria is a mental condition in which the sufferer believes they were born in the wrong body.

In the JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association, a study found that the number of enlisted personnel suffering from gender dysphoria has risen since the Pentagon lifted its ban on transgender people serving in the military under former President Obama.

Incredibly, lead author Dr. Natasha Schivey couldn’t figure out why so many transgenders are enlisting in the military for free hormones and free sex change surgeries.

She told Reuters Health that the prevalence of gender confused individuals in the military “seems to come as a surprise to people”.

In 2016, Dr. Schivey and her colleagues surveyed 204 doctors at a meeting after the transgender ban was lifted.

74.3% percent of the doctors surveyed said they did not receive adequate training to care for soldiers suffering from gender dysphoria.

52.9 percent of the doctors surveyed said they would not provide hormones to treat gender dysphoria even if they received the training. This revelation would have ended their military careers under for President Obama.

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