Janet Jackson

At long last, Janet Jackson’s alleged secret daughter is breaking her silence.

Tiffany Whyte claims she is the secret daughter of the 50-year-old pop icon and her ex-husband James DeBarge. But why doesn’t anyone take her seriously? Whyte and Jackson could easily pass for twins… right?

DeBarge, 53, readily tells anyone who pays him that he sired a baby daughter with Janet, who vigorously denies the allegations of a secret daughter.

“I’ve been kept a secret a very long time. I want people to know the truth. [Janet] has been denying me for many years. I waited 31 years,” says Whyte who resides in Philadelphia.

She said she was given up for adoption and raised in foster care. She only found out who her famous mother was seven years ago.

“I want people to know the truth. Now it’s time for me to tell my truth,” said Whyte.

The story gets even weirder as DeBarge’s mother, Etterline, confirms that a paternity test matched. Well, at least we know Ms. Whyte may be DeBarge’s daughter. Now all we need is Janet to provide a DNA sample — which will never happen.

Janet welcomed a son, Eissa, with her husband Wissam Al Mana earlier this year. The couple reside with their infant in London, England.