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Katherine Jackson is flying back to America to testify in an elder abuse case against her nephew Trent Jackson.

The 86-year-old mother of the late Michael Jackson has been visiting her daughter Janet Jackson and her grand baby in London.

Katherine was forced to return to the U.S. by Judge Rolf Treu, who refused to allow the ailing matriarch to give sworn testimony from London.

Judge Treu also refused to allow Katherine’s witnesses to give testimony about the abuse they personally witnessed.

Judge Treu ruled that he would not accept a sworn statement from Katherine, who is under a doctor’s care in London. He said she would have to appear in person in Los Angeles County Superior Court for her testimony and cross-examination in the case.

Katherine filed a restraining order against Trent, who she said is “an abusive con man” who has been emotionally abusing her and trying to take control of her money for years.

During a hearing on Wednesday, Katherine’s lawyer Julianna Edwards told Judge Treu: “The petitioner is returning from London and needs time to re-acclimate after her journey (to) testify in this matter.”

Judge Treu then continued the case until April 25, when Katherine is expected to take the witness stand.

However, Trent’s lawyer Ron Rale added that he is hoping his client and Katherine reach a private settlement before the next court date.

“We’re exploring resolution of the case,” he said in court, according to the New York Daily News. “We’re hoping to resolve this matter.”

Bale said Trent should get the opportunity to cross-examine Katherine, insisting it would be a “lack of due process” if he was denied that opportunity.

“It would not be a vicious cross examination,” Bale said. “If she, from her heart, said she felt bullied (by Trent), we would honor that.”

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