The U.S. Navy has a serious problem with pregnancies on board its ships.

A record 16 out of 100 women on one ship fell pregnant and were reassigned to shore duties, according to data obtained by the Daily Caller under the Freedom of Information Act.

There is evidence that former President Barack Obama suppressed the data of his “gender neutral” policies.

According to the Daily Caller, “The Obama administration understated the pregnancy problem throughout its eight years and even suppressed some data about the impact of its “gender-neutral” policies on the Navy.”

The data shows that in January 2015, 3,335 women were pregnant aboard military vessels.

The Navy was forced to cut short their deployments and ship them back to the U.S. at a very high cost to the Navy.

A single transfer can cost the Navy up to $30,000. So far, the Navy has spent $115 million to reassign pregnant women under Obama’s presidency.

Often there is no one to fill the pregnant officer’s trained position, “So everybody else has to work all that harder,” said Elaine Donnelly, a public policy organizer. “You really have a potential crew disaster.”