Auntie Fee

Youtube star Auntie Fee died on Friday, March 17, after suffering a massive heart attack at her Los Angeles home. She was 59.

Her family confirmed she was taken off life support on Friday, and she passed away a short time later.

Born Felicia A. O’Dell on May 7, 1957 in South Los Angeles, Auntie Fee started a Youtube channel in 2014 to teach viewers how to cook fast food meals on a low budget.

The meals Auntie Fee cooked weren’t the healthiest options. She was often criticized for being illiterate, using excessive profanity, and cooking on unsanitary surfaces.

Her videos attracted the attention of talk show host Jimmy Kimmel who featured the unlikely cooking star on his Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

Auntie Fee took an interest in cooking at an early age, and by age 9 she mastered her father’s recipes. She said her father would “cuss, cuss, cuss, but gave you everything he got.”

Auntie Fee leaves behind her husband, Tommy Hunter, and three adult sons, one of whom, Tavis, often filmed her videos.

An earlier version of this post was edited to remove factual content that was upsetting to some.