Aaron Hernandez Ryan McDonnell

For years the public was told that former NFL star Aaron Hernandez murdered semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd in cold blood after Lloyd spoke to men Hernandez had problems with.

The more sinister motive was revealed after Hernandez, 27, committed suicide early Wednesday at Souza Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, Massachusetts.

Investigators and certain members of the mainstream media knew all along that Hernandez killed Lloyd because Lloyd was aware Hernandez had a predilection for men.

On June 15, 2013, two days before he died, Lloyd partied with Hernandez at a Boston nightclub called Rumor.

The 2 friends popped bottles and Lloyd later bragged that Hernandez “dropped 10 G’s like it was nothing.” Then Lloyd spotted two of his cousins downstairs. He descended the stairs to greet his cousins and dap them up.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, one of Lloyd’s cousins, a West Indian with dreadlocks, pointed at Hernandez and said, “I don’t like that nigga, he’s one of them funny people.”

“Stop pointing, that’s my boy. You’re gonna start some shit ‘tween me and him,” said Lloyd. “Well, I don’t want you with him, he’s a punk,” replied the cousin.

The terms “funny” and “punk” are considered gay slurs.

When Lloyd went back up the stairs, Hernandez became enraged. Surveillance cameras insider the VIP section showed the 6-foot-2, 250 pound Hernandez facing down the 5-foot-11 Lloyd. The 2 friends nearly came to blows. Surveillance video shows the argument resumed outside the club.

Over the next two days, Hernandez’s paranoia grew. He must have convinced himself that Lloyd was gossiping about his sexuality. How else did Lloyd’s cousin know he was a homosexual?

“You can’t trust anyone anymore!” Hernandez is heard screaming on video footage from his 14-camera home security system. The video footage showed him pacing the floor in his man cave. He was holding what appeared to be a Glock .45 handgun.

On Sunday night, Hernandez reached out to 2 hoodlums from his old Bristol, Conn. neighborhood.

Ernest Wallace and Carlos Ortiz were hardened criminals with rap sheets longer than their arms. They had no jobs and no steady source of income. A text from Hernandez usually meant quick cash in their pockets.

Hernandez ordered them to make the 2-hour drive to North Attleborough that night. “Get ur ass up here,” he texted Wallace.

Aaron Hernandez Ryan McDonnell

Moments later, Hernandez texted Lloyd: “I’m coming to grab that tonight, you gon b around? I need dat and we could step for a little again.”

“Aite, where,” Lloyd texted back.

Hernandez sent another text to Wallace’s phone: “Hurry ur ass up here, nigga.”

By 1:10 a.m., Hernandez set off with Wallace and Ortiz in a rented Nissan Altima. They were headed to Boston’s rough Dorchester neighborhood to pick up Lloyd.

Hours later, a jogger found Lloyd’s bullet-riddled body in a North Attleborough industrial park about a mile from Hernandez’s mansion. Lloyd had been shot 5 times — twice in the back as he turned away from the gunman.

Among the evidence collected at the crime scene was a marijuana joint with Hernandez’s DNA on it.

Alexander Bradley, a drug dealer and former friend who was shot in the face by Hernandez and lost an eye, testified that Hernandez was a daily pot smoker.

The arrest of the former Patriots tight end made international headlines in 2013. Not reported in the headlines was Wallace’s statement that he wouldn’t have helped Hernandez dispose of the murder weapon if he knew Hernandez was a “limp wrist” — slang for gay.

Also kept under wraps until after Hernandez’s death was his alleged longterm intimate relationship with a male former high school classmate who was forced to testify before a grand jury.

According to Newsweek magazine, law enforcement officials say Hernandez moved a large amount of cash into 3 bank accounts prior to his arrest.

Aaron Hernandez Ryan McDonnell

One account was for his fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins; the second account was for his 4-year-old daughter, Avielle Hernandez; and a 3rd account, where most of the money was moved, was for his male lover, identified all over the Internet as his “personal assistant” Ryan McDonnell (pictured top right and below).

Aaron Hernandez Ryan McDonnell

Hernandez allegedly made hundreds of phone calls to McDonnell from prison — more frequently than he called Jenkins.

Hernandez’s complicated sex life also included a jailhouse lover, an unidentified man who is said to be under 24/7 suicide watch.

Hernandez penned three suicide notes before he hanged himself. 2 of the notes were to his fiancée and daughter. A 3rd note was to his alleged jailhouse boyfriend.

The truth about Hernandez’s double life may have generated sensational headlines about a maniacal bisexual serial killer at a time when the progressive media was carefully cultivating the former White House administration’s gay agenda.

To combat the plethora of gay rumors and outings of down low NFL players, the NFL forced the St. Louis Rams to draft openly gay Missouri linebacker Michael Sam in 2014 — a year after Hernandez’s arrest.

When news of Carmelo Anthony’s cheating scandal broke, Rudy Giuliani urged NBA fans not to turn their backs on Carmelo because “half of all athletes cheat”.

Giuliani was generous in his estimation. It is a well-kept secret that at least 25% of all professional athletes are cheating with men.

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