Katia Washington

A sleuth on gossip message board Lipstick Alley uncovered photos that seem to confirm Denzel Washington’s troubled daughter, Katia Washington, is in an interracial lesbian relationship.

No one is knocking Katia or her sexual preference. But there are some Denzel Washington fans who are interested in what his children are doing with their lives.

It’s a known fact that Mr. Washington is against same sex marriage. Child experts say homosexuality can be traced back to a dysfunctional parent/child bonding issue in childhood.

At the peak of his acting career, Washington was rarely at home with his 4 children. It’s no surprise that Katia grew up to imitate the masculine identity that was missing in her childhood.

The Anonymous tipster writes:

So I was snooping around trying to find some info on my favorite actor Denzel, and I stumbled upon his daughters Katia’s facebook page. Her profile pic is of her kissing a guy. First I thought “Well this confirms she ain’t a !!!! just a Tomboy” then I clicked on the tagged guy’s name and it turns out he’s dead.

So I look at more of her pics and this who has her profile pic as her and Katia. Click on her page and she has some more photos of them together. Her name is Colleen. One of them as Jay Z and Bey (This is the pic where I immediately thought of them fucking like what friends does couple costumes as a married couple?)

Katia Washington

Katia Washington