LA Reid

Antonio “L.A.” Reid is the latest entertainment industry executive to be accused of sexual harassment. The allegations of harassment (and resulting lawsuits) have become so prevalent in the industry, that stars such as Steve Harvey have taken the unusual step of limiting their contact with female co-workers.

A woman who accused Reid of sexual harassment alleges that bosses at Epic Records knew about the harassment and failed to act on her complaints.

The unidentified woman, who worked as an assistant under Reid at Epic, detailed her claims in a letter sent to lawyers at Sony Records, Epic’s parent company in March.

The woman claimed she was subjected to unwanted sexual advances from the 60-year-old father-of-4.

Last week, Reid announced his sudden departure from Epic Records where he served as chairman and CEO for six years.

The female co-worker’s letter surfaced in Billboard magazine on Sunday.

via — An insider told the publication that the woman’s letter states she made her immediate supervisor aware Reid had made unwanted advances towards her and then took her complaint to a high ranking Epic executive.

She was then reportedly told, “Before you say anything more, think about what that means for you. Just think about what it means.”

Sony bosses have not commented on the matter other than to issue a short statement which read, “L.A. Reid will be leaving the company.”

However a label insider told The New York Post that executives at the company were determined to act to prevent sexual harassment.

“We are not allowing a culture like that in this company, no matter how much a person brings to the bottom line,” the source said.

Reid and his wife of 17 years, Erica, have two children together; a son and a daughter. Reid also has 2 adult children from his previous marriage to music veteran and singer Perri McKissack, aka “Pebbles”.

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