Bampumim Teixeira

The man suspected of cutting the throats of 2 Boston doctors during a botched robbery in their luxury $1.9 million penthouse once worked as a security guard in their building.

Dr. Richard Field and his fiancée Dr. Lina Bolanos may have returned home and surprised Bampumim Teixeira, 30, robbing their apartment on Friday evening.

Dr Field managed to send a frantic text message to a neighbor, saying a gunman was in the penthouse, and the friend called 911.

Police responding to the 11th floor found a set of keys outside the apartment. They entered the apartment and found it dark. Then shots rang out from inside the apartment and police returned fire.

The gunman was shot three times and he was transported to Boston’s Tufts Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. None of the officers were injured.

After the shootout with Teixeira, a SWAT team making a sweep of the apartment discovered the bodies of Dr Field and Dr Bolanos. Their throats were slashed and their hands were bound behind their backs.

Police recovered a black backpack containing jewelry belonging to Dr Bolanos. A “revenge” message was scrawled on a blood spattered wall.

Teixeira pled not guilty to two counts of murder during his arraignment by a judge at his hospital bedside on Monday. He was treated for gunshot wounds in his hand, abdomen and leg. He is shackled to his hospital bed and under 24-hour police guard.

Police say Teixeira once worked for Palladion Security firm which provided security and concierge services for the Macallan building on Dorchester Avenue in South Boston.

The firm stopped providing services in February.

Teixeira emigrated to the United States from Cape Verde at age 20.

Boston is a sanctuary city where criminal immigrants like Teixeira have more rights than American citizens.

He was arrested in 2016 for robbing the same Boston bank twice. A judge sentenced him to 9 months in prison because a longer sentence would trigger his deportation back to West Africa.

Teixeira’s immigration status is unclear, according to UK’s Daily Mail, but a note appended to his 2016 arrest record stated the detainee was given an “alien warning”.