• Ice Lee

    That flip was impressive! It's better than any flip I've ever done lol. So what she didn't get the landing. That's what practice is for.

  • ZRoJoTheLezBeyond

    Dayum! She was going so fast it looked as if her feet didn't even touch the ground. I think she did OUTSTANDING.

  • SuperScooper1

    Is this click bait?

  • klwbaby

    Sandra take off your backpack and do it...

  • Missy

    Sandra be trippin.

  • IAmLegend
  • harley_quinn2.0

    I mean it wasn't a perfect landing but it's far from a fail. More than I could ever do.

  • Sexy CJ

    She's Awesome.......Hopefully, She Will Be Ready 4 The 2020 Summer Olympics In Tokyo......#Keep The 2016 Rio Tradition Going......#All Black Everything...........


  • Blaque Mahogany


  • harley_quinn2.0


  • ~~eb

    Auntie, you play too much! You know that girl rocks! Practice, she can hit that landing. She is IMPRESSIVE!

  • darealwifey

    She looked so defeated on that landing. She more shrugged her shoulders than raised her hands. I would've threw my arms up like, "Yeah! I did that! Now what!" lol

  • Yoni7

    Welp since this is an open post.........

    My baby graduated college last week..........andimabouttobeagrandma

  • darealwifey

    Love it! Congratulations on both!

  • Yoni7

    Thank you!
    #degreeanddiapers LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • SunRiseBlossom


  • Nophace

    If it was a white woman the heading would have been completely different!!!

  • Jen_no_juice

    Congrats on both! Twice blessed

  • harley_quinn2.0

    Yoni! Congrats!

  • MissHarlem

    Keep practicing that's why you're at the gym. You will rock next time ????

  • Yoni7

    I'd like to wish KDUBB a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sexy CJ
  • MissHarlem

    Congrats sis ?

  • klwbaby


  • sherri2016

    See if she wasn't raised by a single mother had a gay brother and President Obama hadn't? been born she would? have stuck the landing any exuse to give a Black woman her due

  • Lady_Elle

    The challenge was NOT the tumbling... Her ending position should have been in the direction she tumbled.
    Then the gymnast levels themselves then they turn towards the judges. Like when we watch them on TV. She kind of skipped that so she almost seemed disoriented!!!
    Heck... I was dizzy watching!
    She is REALLY GOOD!!!

  • Bam Bam Li

    Don't understand what she did wrong? Why is this even a post?? Did she do something to "upset" you Sandra? ?

  • IAmLegend

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exactly! LOLOL

  • Faux Gibbler

    That girl can do better than most pros.

  • Bam Bam Li


  • harley_quinn2.0

    Where is she? Did she get banned?

  • Jen_no_juice


  • datATLboi

    Dam she did that

  • jazzysmith12

    you stupid.loooooooooool

  • Yoni7

    Yes, she was banned.

  • datATLboi

    Petty Post

  • Lady_Elle

    Too much melanin!

  • Diane

    I saw this video on several social media sites, which posted it with captions such as "girl power" or "black girl power," etc. etc. But you Sandra Rose, have to criticize it, why?

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    That chunky Brown Bear was FLIPPIN' HER BEHIND OFF!!!

  • Bam Bam Li

    I think it may be that ??

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    She was joking. Sandy knows that young lady is excellent!

  • Lady_Elle

    Happy Birthday KDUBB!

  • jazzysmith12

    Someone tell Malia Obama to wear short shorts to work again so Sandra can come out of her depressed state!!!!

  • CrunchyBlack1

    landing aside, that sh!t was epic!!

  • Madame Dinero

    i happen to follow this young lady named Angel Rice on Social Media and she is DOPE!!! Her power is undeniable!!!! She is a tumbler for Cheerleading but is trying to get to the Olympics.. Can we give her props for her efforts and talent instead of nitpicking???

  • harley_quinn2.0

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6dc912961f75bb55fb2bdebbd42a6121da8200d4868df94beecfde0bf9a3a52f.gif. I was wondering why I didn't see her font ??. You're gone for a while you miss a lot. Happy Birthday Dubb!

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    Sandy is joking. Ya don't know her yet. I been following her for years. Sandy is actually a lot better than she use to be.

  • southern

    Awww PP bout to be a Mommie. Being a granny is the best. You get to love all on them, spoil them spend all your damn money on them and then their parents show up to take them home it's great

  • Madame Dinero

    I have been a silent Rose for YEARS!!! Was happy as hell when she opened up the comments!! I get her humor, but Angel Rice is doing her thang and deserves to be acknowledged as such!! Now lemme be quiet cuz I don't want to be banned...=)

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920


  • Cricket404

    I saw this post. "this is how I jump to conclusions"

  • cheechee1x1

    I loved every minute of her routine. Pure exhilaration!!!

  • I want to be free

    Happy Birthday KDubb. You are missed!

  • Interracial_NOT

    Girl is doing her thang. Nothing but Support and Love for this young lady.

  • I want to be free

    Congrats Yoni!

  • Buttercupdreamsmom

    How is that a FAIL??? man... People see something AMAZING and STILL find fault in it.. Do you girl because I KNOW for a fact I can't lol

  • LibraGirlonly

    ? ? COOL!!'

  • I want to be free


  • Diva4lyfe

    LMAO she had them hands up like I got this you don't know nothing watch my flip work. OMG I am hollering

  • Quitedeliteful

    O.M.G.!!!! This Is Phenomenal.... This girl is EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nanny

    I mean who needs gravity?

  • Ain’t Misbehavin

    Fail??? Bish where? Big Momma was throwing that body.

  • AJKC23

    Wow!!! I loved it!!!

  • Mojo2

    OMG! Fabulous.

  • Mojo2

    Did ya see the height she obtained! Whoaaaa!

  • https://sandrarose.com SandraRose

    Google the word "sarcasm". ?

  • Sexy CJ
  • http://thedevereauxshow.com/ Ms.Devereaux

    I follow her as well she is thick and talented it shows that you don't have to be a size zero to do these things it's reall mind over matter anybody that can do this is fearless me I can't even do a cart wheel without thinking about the what if's

  • morenYAHdelsur

    LOL I was waiting for the "fail" expecting her to fall. I'm glad she didn't though! You go girl!

  • Kimberly Vontrese

    This was amazing. Had that mat been more sturdy, she likely would have had a flawless landing.

    OAN: I went on her Instagram and noticed that she goes by ' QUEEN RICE'. But why doesn't this QUEEN wear her own crown? She has a head full of weave and her edges are clearly receding. I can see the line of demarcation where her edges end and where her 'closure' begins. Why can't Black women fully love themselves? Why is a weave always in the picture(literally)? STAY WOKE. WEAR YOUR OWN HAIR AND STOP PROJECTING SELF HATE BY WEARING ANOTHER WOMAN'S HAIR.

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    Google her:
    Angel Rice


  • Yoni7

    Yes she is. And everywhere I go, I'm drifting to the baby section. She ain't been home a good two days and I was dragging her to the store with me. Still salty we ain't make it to Aruba for her graduation gift as planned. LOL

  • MsPam

    Has anyone met Ms. Sandra in person? Just wondering? Does she do meet and greets?

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    Sandy. They are still wet behind the ears. They don't get you. I have followed you for years!

  • Torae

    Thickums did that?

  • Yardgirl

    Happy Birthday Dubb!! The first person to speak to me many many years ago and I have not forgotten that act of kindness. These here parts was rough back then!!

  • Yardgirl


  • Yardgirl

    She did the damn thing!! Impressive!!

  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    She did that!!! Sandra you hating cause not too many skinny's can do that tumble like ole' girl did

  • Phyllis

    Great Job Sista!!!????

  • Nonya Bizness

    Really? All that and people still find something to criticize in her routine? I watched it earlier without the snide commenting attached to the video and saw nothing wrong with it, and everything amazing with it. I wonder if the person commenting about the Olympics can even run or do the splits.

  • hotntot95

    Dammm...she's wonderful!

  • RicanLBC

    This is way amazing ! Gr8 job practice makes perfect. Auntie your too harsh.

  • CaramelDrop

    #BlackExcellence That power behind her was OUTSTANDING!!! Gave me chills!

  • Lolalao


  • Yetunde

    I couldn't agree with you more.

  • PC Easley

    Sandra Rose was the ugly bitter girl sitting at the back of the classroom hating on everyone and constantly talking about everyone. (But, I secretly love it!) LOL

  • Carmen Harrison Johnson


  • Alicia.Ashe


  • sunni_daze

    Who am I to judge. I can't do none of that and she did a damn good job.

  • Mbailey

    WHAT set of bad prescription glasses are you looking through, Sandra? That girl is DYNOMITE!

  • Miany

    Black girl MAGIC!

  • Miany

    Yall tell Dubb happy bday for meh!!

  • Faithz

    Black Girls rock!!!!

  • Faithz

    I feel you with that, I can't either, no doubt many can't
    touch her, but will complain all the same.

  • Faithz

    Omg why you talk about
    Auntee like that.

  • Faithz

    Yea nothing short of amazing.

  • Faithz

    They probably can run, do splits are jump.

  • Faithz

    Yes very impressive.

  • Anunnaki

    I Love this lil lady, I Was just like her in my T?e?e?n?s? I mean Dreams

  • CookieMobster

    That was awesome. The air is got was crazy!!!! I can barely run without falling much less all of this

  • PC Easley

    I'm sorry Faithz, I din't know that Sandra is your Aunt. I apologize. It was actually a tongue-in-cheek comment. Being that she is a blogger I'm assuming since she can dish it, she also can take it. Either way post like these are good for hits on her website and comments....which is the point anyway. ;-)

  • Taylordanes

    Black Women are so powerful.. why would anyone be hateful and diminish their shine???

    Then you have white women like this one


  • Taylordanes


  • MistaO


  • We Can Do This

    Impressive to say the least!

  • SickWidIt2dabone

    That was pretty freakin dope!!

  • Queen of EVERYTHING

    They don't know ?

  • Lady_Elle

    I believe Auntee is a term of endearment on this site. :-)

  • https://twitter.com/Chicagowise Chicagowise

    With all that wagon she's dragging?! Wow!

  • freelancepimp .

    I don't get it. What's the problem here?

  • EScrazy

    Sandra needs a hug again y'all

  • Nita

    Sandra is petty AF! Im sure she knows what she needs to work on she doesn't need you to point it out and be an ass about it.

  • dontgetblocked

    Wow. She is really strong to flip all that azz.

  • Allisha Jackson

    That was the Best thing I seen all day, I wasn't ready lol

  • dontgetblocked

    LOL. Had the mat been more sturdy...

  • dontgetblocked

    Let's be honest. This big girl can flip because she's strong but she's no Olympian. She's overweight and that's just the truth. She can't control her body and get enough height because of the extra weight. Every high school squad and nearly all members of a white cheerleader college squad can do far better than this chubby girl. Let's stop lowering the standards and be honest. If she really wants to compete on a national and international level she needs to seek the help of a nutritionist and physical trainer and most of all SHE NEEDS TO PUSH BACK FROM THE TABLE. Sorry...but I'm only here to speak the truth.

  • PrettyBrown28

    But can you do it?

  • Erin

    Why are people so concerned about black women's hair. No I don't wear a weave I rock a short cut but please why does the black woman's hair bother EVERYONE? You would think HER weave was pulling YOUR edges?

  • Taylordanes

    She may have a medical condition that keeps the weight on OR she is simply competing at a high school level and doing HER! There are black, yellow, brown, and orange kids who can do a better job... but why is that an issue? She is magical! Whether she wants to compete at a higher level is her option... and if she keeps the weight on or off is her issue as well..... people so judgemental of kids....

  • Ms Thang

    ????good question

  • https://www.facebook.com/Danayhelena Danay Helena

    That was amazing ?

  • Ling

    Laaaaaark....!!! Such a long ass thesis for nonsense! That girl was amazing!

  • Kimberly Vontrese

    Her edges look the way they do because of the weave. We need representation of young Black women with their own hair- otherwise it sends the message that we are not good enough in our natural form. No wonder many Black ladies are so promiscuous they feel that is the only way they will be 'wanted'. I rock my own hair. Why pay to have your edges yanked out?

  • Judas & GOD

    she amazing ..go sis

  • Dahl

    How is one misstep a complete fail...?

  • Malcom Flex

    I am sick of heffas like you dissing SR as a joke. Get the F on if you don't like how she curates her blog.

  • Malcom Flex

    If she can do that why not drop the weight I'm sick of how other BW fat enable each other.

  • Raquelle Dellaghetto

    Damn I wish my as s could still do a back handspring

  • sherri2016

    I'm about 30 pounds smaller then her and I couldn't do that on a good day

  • rayne215

    Shes all muscle

  • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    Gymnast are big not because of fat is muscle . So are men ballerinas legs. Look at Serena and Venus's legs they are very muscular . Female athletes are built so differently.

  • Faithz

    Yes indeed!

  • leapyearpisces

    Was this seriously titled a "fail"? This was incredible!!!! She was flying through the air. OMG....wow.

  • Malcom Flex

    Naw. Yall bp love to enable big and fat on bw.

  • Malcom Flex

    Fonts at this page tend to lean towards obesity enabling bw and mammying bm. They have normalized bw being big.

  • lil goodie

    Who's ego do you have us stroking auntie.... she did well.. good job gurlie... don't beat ya self up over it...

  • Faithz

    Yes Mama.

  • 4RGSpot

    No matter how many negative comments I've read, I cannot agree. This young lady was "AWESOME" hands down. I couldn't do that, even at her age. Great job! ??

  • Shira Harding-James

    Ignorance at its finest

  • Shira Harding-James

    She has no stomach! This young lady is solid muscle, not over weight. I've read some comments below saying that Black people lift up over weight black women and that may be true, but I feel we do more tearing down each other than lifting up. And I'm just sick of it... speaking the truth and just being plain mean are two totally different things. seen so many body types being active duty where some people are just naturally solid and weight more than others but body fat is lower than others.

  • BOSS


  • lilred1

    This instantly made me happy! Go girl!

  • B Zandaz

    Sandra please stop being so negative it's not cute maam

  • NicoleZee

    Mr. Malcolm you do have a point. I took ballet growing up and I will say that the heavier you are, the worse it is for your feet, legs, and the rest of your body. That is why you do not see many professional ballerinas or gymnasts that are overweight, thick, or curvy, or whatever people prefer to use. And I can say firsthand that ballet was a bit tougher for me because I was curvy (and uncoordinated)! But I enjoyed the experience and it taught me discipline, so I thank my mom for everything she decided to put me in. And Mr. Malcolm, I never fat enable, I myself am curvy, but I try to eat reasonable foods and yoga is great for me physically and mentally. And as for the girl in the video, I cannot speak for her, but if I decided to be a gymnast, I would try to lose as much weight as possible to keep me healthy and at my best.

  • NicoleZee

    He's not being ignorant. I get what he was trying to say, it just comes off in a way that some people might be take offense to. In gymnastics, ballet, or any other physical activity or sport, the recommendation is always to watch your weight and work off as much fat as possible. I used to take ballet, so I know. I was never fat shamed while I was growing up dancing because most of us Black girls in ballet had some weight on us. However, I do think that my weight put me in more pain while trying to dance. Imagine being heavier and having to stand and dance on your tippy toes for hours. My feet and legs used to hurt so much from that!!! Now I try to control my weight, but I still love my curves, but I don't need to gain anymore weight!

  • NicoleZee

    I think the implication is that her weight caused her to slip up a bit and not be as fast as she could have. I took gymnastics for a bit growing up; it is very technical and I did not stick with it. I did stick with ballet for years and the heavier you are, the worse it is on your body whether it is muscle or fat. The young lady in the video did very well, I could never do all those flips and stuff. My accident prone self would have cracked my skull and broke my back!

  • NicoleZee

    I think some of you didn't read what Auntie Sandra wrote. This young lady is very good, but if she were being judged for the Olympics, her landings and balance would have to improve. I used to take gymnastics, so Auntie is right about this one. And furthermore, when I took gymnastics, I had to exercise as well. I remember my coach, she never called anyone fat, but she did not play about being in shape and keeping the weight off. Being heavier in sports may hurt you in the long run, for some anyway. I should know. Taking ballet as a curvy girl led to a lot of pain for me! OUCH!!!!

  • leapyearpisces

    You know what? I just logged in to say, after ALL these years, I should know you better, Auntie. What can I say? I was HONESTLY mult-tasking buying Mother's Day presents when I commented earlier. What I would like to say now, is "thank you, auntie" for bringing attention to this obviously phenomenal young lady. I will be following her journey from here on (like a lot of people who read this post). Well played, Sandy, well played. I see you. :-)

  • leapyearpisces

    Right! This is one time I can say I am disheartened by some posters, not all, but I am amazedoing how many people are speaking of thi's girl. DID THEY NOT warch the same clip I saw??????? They did they NOT see all the air this chick was catching?????? But muthafuggas still want to criticize a LITTLE stumble at the end after this chick basically levitating herself in the air????? Muthafugguas still calling this black queen fat / overweight even though Ray Charles can see she is NOTHING, NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! but muscle? Bit we praising Gaborey Sidibe' for her 4 pound loss AFTER having a weight surgery performed? We wished that vulgar Joseline Hernandez on her pregnancy after all the shat she did, and represent? For GOD sakes, she had a "girl on giirl" soft porno scene while 9 mos.pregnant, but people still rooting for her, but thus YOUNG LADY, this NUBUAN QUEEN, who is obvious DEDICATED to her craft, who basically FLOATED in air, some of you ALL GOT THE MUTHAFUGGIN AUDICIT to say she needs to lose weight, she to big, this and that, WELL, EVIDENTLY GRAVITY didn't think she was overweight, because she was floating in that air. Same muthafugass talking about this ATHLETIC, MUSCULAR young black queen, need to lose weight, are the same ONES praising Ambet Rose''s "chopped and screwed" body. It's OFFICIAL- the world HATES, DESPISES, LOATHES, their morher-the black woman. I am personally so hurt. It's sad. I know Sandra motives for titling the post the way she did, but to read the NEGATIVE comments about this young lady from my people HURTS. WOW, how could you all fall for the okie-doke? Ain't a damn thIng FAT about this young black queen, it's called MUSCLE, and her know landing? It can be worked on, you catch THAT much air, and see if you will "stick" the landing. Come on y'all, WE gotta do better by US!!!!!! :-(.

  • Pebbles

    Sandra makes controversial remarks to remain relevant. It is a good tactic.

  • CaniLive?

    Definitely NOT a fail...she can only get better and will.

  • leapyearpisces

    I am going to bed, because I get angrier about this thing. This black lady DID THE DAMN THANG!!!!!! Based on SOME of the comments I have read here tonight, I should not be surprised that the encouraging cheers behind the camera, are not that of her own people. Straight Caucasians cheering this sista on, while alot of you talking about she fat, then y'all the same mofos mad for Serena Williams
    getting engaged, and then having that goofy azz white boy baby. SMH. That goofy azz white boy not only scooped her up, but he released a letter about WHAT MADE HIM FALL IN LOVE WITH HER, and it wasn't her azz. Bet that!

  • Shira Harding-James

    I understand what he was trying to get at as well.... it's the delivery ma'am

  • MS.BEE


  • NYTimes#1Bestseller


  • Malcom Flex

    Of course I'm not ignorant nor am I a follower of basic black group think or give a damn what some strange, sad font across the country or the world, says and thinks about my opinions . Fat enabling of BW is epic. That's also when the black males come out, too. Funny how quiet they are otherwise. I see yall.

  • Yetunde

    I love every comment you have made on this subject. You are so right!

  • http://yeuphonic.com @yeuphonic

    "No wonder many black ladies are promiscuous" girl STFU
    All this from her wearing weave? You are a fool and I bet you don't even identify as black. Stay in your lane bih

  • Dee

    That is olympic sized talent!!

  • tintin

    that girl is talented, that girl is thick and can flip like that, she did alright.

    btw why is this news? Sandra you crazy

  • EBuzzB

    great job! no failure in my eyes.

  • Rayne

    Awesome! That was fantastic!

    Can you still do all this at your age sandra? Post the video cause I'm dying to see lol
    Freeze curls all flapping in the wind. Pump it up particles everywhere. Lmfao ????

  • Birdman24

    SR just wanted to look at her hind sides over and over.....

  • HelloToni

    She is amazing! Good for her! Did you see those legs! This young lady has some curves. Good for her!!

  • Ms. Cree

    Angel Rice is a beast and already apart of the Olympic team. SHE IS A TEEN. Find a better topic or grown adult to try to tear down. This young lady is going places.

  • Renee26

    She did great! I can't see why people are body shaming her because that's obviously muscle...Everyone isn't built the same; she's solid not fat

  • Nakia Brown

    who's body shaming her? somebody that can't do what she just did? FOH She did excellent!

  • https://sandrarose.com SandraRose

    Actually, I taught the girl in the video everything she knows. ?

  • https://sandrarose.com SandraRose

    It was a joke. Geez. ?

  • https://sandrarose.com SandraRose

    "I know Sandra motives for titling the post the way she did"

    Thanks for your well-written comment. My post title was intentionally sarcastic. But I am dismayed by the hateful comments. I assumed my thoughtful readers would compliment the girl's talent. I pray that my people do better.

  • https://sandrarose.com SandraRose

    Thanks for this thoughtful comment, but I was kidding about her sticking the landing. She is incredibly talented.

  • https://sandrarose.com SandraRose

    Yes I do. I'll invite you next time I hold one.

  • https://sandrarose.com SandraRose

    It was a joke, hun.

  • https://sandrarose.com SandraRose

    It was a joke.

  • Bam Bam Li

    Didn't seem like it....?

  • MsPam

    Okay, Thanks!

  • Tena

    Wow! This chick is bad to the bone!

  • leapyearpisces

    Auntie, like I said on a post last week, I been rocking with you since 2006. I KNOW your moves as far as this blog world. I get it. You have chose to be an antag on its for the greater good. Case In point, I KNEW last night you was trying to get that young, athletic sistana some shine, but sadly, you had to entitled the post if her in a derogatory way, so people would click, because you and I BOTH know, if you had entitled the post in a positive way it would have gotten 50 comments TOPS!!!!!, but you entitled it in your "antagonistic" fashin because you knew, if you entitled it a's a"fail", more people would click on the story, therefore gething this young lady the shine she deserves. If people are honest, NOBODY knew about this lady until you posted the"negative" post about her. Well played-well played, Sandy. Because of your post, she has garnered a whole 'nother fan base, but sadly if you had entitled the post in a positive light, MOST would not have clicked on the story-THAT IS WHY I said I know YOUR motives for posting the story in the manner you did. I get it. Unfortunately, in today's society, people respond to the negative, before they praise the positive. I see you.;-)

  • Yoni7

    Thank you.

  • Yoni7

    Thank you so much.

  • Yoni7

    She's such a doll!

  • Yoni7

    Thank you so much...

  • lovelytori

    How is this a fail?

  • https://sandrarose.com SandraRose

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this post. You are on point. Sometimes I have to be negative to get my readers' attention.

  • https://sandrarose.com SandraRose

    Thanks hun! I knew you would understand the point of this post. ?

  • https://sandrarose.com SandraRose

    Yes you have. Thank you! ?