Greg Gianforte

The Democrats just lost another Congressional seat.

Republican Greg Gianforte easily won the special election in Montana despite body slamming a pesky reporter on the eve of the special election.

The incident was captured on audio by a Fox News reporter (click here to hear audio).

The scuffle ensued after a pesky reporter from UK’s The Guardian newspaper ambushed Gianforte in his office to ask a question about Trump’s healthcare plan. Gianforte calmly told the reporter to ask his press person. But the reporter persisted.

After sounds of a body crashing to the floor, Gianforte yells “I’m sick and tired of you guys! Get the hell out of here!”

CNN’s Don Lemon and others in the leftwing news media immediately blamed President Donald Trump for causing the assault on the reporter.

President Trump has repeatedly called CNN and other liberal media outlets “fake news”.

During a tense exchange with GOP political commentator Paris Dennard on May 24, Lemon argued that Trump was to blame for the assault because of his continued verbal attacks on CNN (click here to watch video).

Gianforte was issued a citation for misdemeanor assault due to no visible injuries on the reporter. He later apologized to the reporter after winning the election.

The special election was held in Montana to fill a Congressional seat vacated by a member of the Trump administration. Gianforte’s opponent was a Democrat.

Photo by Janie Osborne/Getty Images