President Trump

A photo showing evangelical pastors and leaders praying and laying hands on President Donald Trump is drawing criticism from Democrats and other heathens and unbelievers.

In a photo posted online on Wednesday, Trump bows his head as evangelical leaders lay hands on him in a prayer circle in the Oval Office. The photos were taken in the White House on Tuesday.

Trump has remained out of the public eye since returning from the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany over the weekend.

The photo, taken by Rodney Howard-Browne, has been shared many times on,, and other social media outlets.

“Yesterday was very surreal for @ahowardbrowne & I,” the pastor of The River at Tampa Bay Church, wrote on Facebook.

“Thirty years ago we came from South Africa to America as missionaries. Yesterday I was asked by Pastor Paula White-Cain to pray over our 45th President - what a humbling moment standing in the Oval Office - laying hands and praying for our President - Supernatural Wisdom, Guidance and Protection - who could ever even imagine - wow - we are going to see another great spiritual awakening #ovaloffice #westwing #whitehouse #washingtondc.”

The photo sparked criticism among the heathens on But not everyone was critical of the images.

“This picture made me cry as the Spirit touched my heart,” wrote one user. “The Lord's hand is upon this man, even though the world does not realize it and cannot realize it due to their spiritual blindness. A very special sight to behold God be welcomed in the White House once more.”

President Trump needs your prayers as the Democrats and their allies in the news media do everything in their power to topple the duly-elected president.

Photo by Rodney Howard-Browne/

  • Me 215

    He's gonna need all of the prayers he can get ???? The devil is coming for his evil soul ?

  • therealashland

    he needs a hairdresser to lay hands on his hair!

  • NegraGata

    Maybe they were praying for his demise, but spiritually and professionally!!! LET US PRAY - then the CHURCH can say AMEN!!!

  • therealashland

    Jesus be a hot comb and a perm for the Presidents head.

  • cpatterson_22

    There this thing called the separation of church and state

  • Vegas1989

    Here we GO!....Let the comments begin!...LOL...This pic should have not been posted..Because peeps are going to roast it...SMH.

  • Roderick2011

    SMR: President Donald Trump is drawing criticism from Democrats and other heathens and unbelievers

    MMMm,Trump was an unbeliever until June 2015, but whatever floats these phony folks' boats.


  • ER

    Pa lease spare me the bullshit!! This guy said he doesn't even go bro church!! He does however like to grab pussy!!! Hell he chastised his wife in church and we all watched her go from a smoke to a grown!! This is some propaganda bullish to get folks to not focus on all his bullshit that's ripping the country apart. He knew the gulllible bible thumpers would eat this crock of bullshit to right up!!

  • klwbaby

    I guess I'm a heathen because I laughed my azz off at that pic....??

  • Roderick2011

    Trump believes he is Samson reincarnated or something because he never trims up his hair plugs.

  • Shay




  • Karen Brady

    Then I must be one too... still chuckling

  • Karen Brady

    I am on the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) :-)

  • Boonella

    That doesn't apply for Dump and the Republicans. They can do what they want....and it's okay.

  • BacktolurkingIgo

    Bwhahaha ??????

  • KLo

    FakeTrump. I cant stop laughing. Stealing the election has not pan out well. #NeverRespect #RESIST

  • soujourn_erets

    These evangelicals and pastors, and all mega preachers, are on the dark side. They support the anti-Messiah.

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    I don't have a problem with them praying for him.

    Maybe they should pray for that lying spirit to come off of him.

  • Rayne

    Ain't gon work. He's the debil with dry lips and crunchy hair. Lol

  • YaYa
  • Phillybruh
    They keep dropping these Russia mix tapes like every couple weeks until the build up.

  • Peter Piper ATL

    It just seems like every photo that comes from the Trump White House features some bizarre spectacle.

    This administration is ridiculous.

  • Wayup!

    ???.. Look like they casting out demons to me..?

  • Ryan

    Don't drag God into this. The past seven months of this administration have been nothing but the devil's work.

  • Kim’s Original Face

    I do not know why this is so funny to me.. even dude in front of him seems to be possibly laughing..

    I was scanning the picture for a charred red arm with yellow finger nails on his shoulder

  • Anunnaki

    It sounds like all the posters were black christians

  • PLEASEDontTellMe

    Are you sure that's a prayer circle and not a conjuring? Asking for a friend

  • Miami8981

    Laying hands on the devil? Wow. How far will people go for a photo op? There ain't no way you could pay me to touch that vile devil. It's a ceremonial photo op. They know damned well that devil cannot be saved from himself or healed from his numerous mental disabilities.

  • Ruby Taylor

    I was cool and judgement-free, until I got to this picture! I cannot deal with the appropriateness!!!

    *Jesus be a photo-op*

  • sherri2016

    Rebuke those Demons but where was the prayers when Coons and Republicans were trying to bring President Obama down or when President Clinton was just trying to get his Penis Sucked there was none

  • ThottyPippen

    They ain't got the "oil"...LOL.

  • Bonita

    Unless I know what God you serve (every God has a name), I don't ask people to pray for me nor will I pray for them.

  • Renee Bee
  • Frank Stellato

    What I don't understand is

  • Mbailey

    GIT money, bxtches!

  • Renee26

    They should be careful of who they put their hands on...I bet some spirits jumps off him

  • Renee26


  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    Im so sick of hearing about this this nicca and his family of weirdos...when is the impeachment date...

  • Roderick2011

    M8981: Laying hands on the devil? Wow

    That's exactly what I was saying. But a lot of those who are laying hands on Trumps are devils themselves.

  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    Is he a blonde or grey...its too confusing that shit look like a haystack on his head...

  • Roderick2011


  • Roderick2011

    Are you saying you want him to look like James Brown?

  • Simone

    Such a beautiful picture and article. Thank you Sandra Rose!

  • Luv Pitties

    Looks like horns growing in the back of his head, the country doesn't care about them trying to do an excorcism

  • blackbutter63

    I was thinking the same thing.

  • BeUtFullSoul

    "Alternative facts"..are they laying hands on "in prayer" or otherwise?..LOL, either way I would NOT touch "IT"..#coodies

  • Lucy

    Sad day in America when we have people defending this man and his family. What will it take for people to realize that you have been conned. We are no longer the leaders of the free, that title belongs to China and Germany. They can lay a thousand hands on him and say a thousand prayers, it wont help. This man will be the destruction of us all.

  • Lisa daniels

    You wasted your time. You ain't sending this devil back to hell no time soon. ?

  • Yardgirl

    I went to the FB page of these people and it's just shocking to me how they can defend he. I totally agree, he will be the destruction of us all.

  • Oretta Grace Smith

    I have NO problem with anybody receiving prayer!!!

  • Lisa daniels

    other heathens and unbelievers.- you tried it.

  • Lisa daniels

    He already talks in tongue-tied alternative facts

  • Lisa daniels

    Fist bump

  • Lisa daniels

    That lying spirit is the only one he won't divorce

  • Lisa daniels

    The devil don't want his ass coming for his spot.

  • Lisa daniels

    But he needs meds like brother ye.

  • cd cd

    lol@this bs. People really need to look at their so called friends and relatives that cosign this alternate reality..who hide and hope you judge them politically because thats how they get their lies across. "You cant judge my lies because you're a democrat"..was one of the first things the REAL heathens instilled in minds from the very start. They've conditioned you to give them a reset everyday.

  • Applebootay

    and some blessing oil...

  • Oretta Grace Smith


  • hottlanta

    Noticed how Pence said hell to the naw I ain't putting my hands on him. Dump got his spiritual awakening because the same thing he wished for Hilary he is getting it back. Karma is a bytch. It is funny how no one, according to the tape, stopped Dump from grabbing women by the crotch with his hands without their permission.

  • Look@m3

    This has got to be her funniest article hands down.

  • hotntot95
  • Look@m3

    Oh wait! So was Paula White there??? She just went into hiding...I have not hear that name since 2008?

  • Cheese eggs

    The holy ghost, burning fire, water baptism, shut in service...........a exorcism

  • Lisa daniels


  • Applebootay

    Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. 1 John 4:1 ESV

  • MzKeriBabee

    Do you all remember when Obama took office and there were all these prophecies of the end of the world????? I don't remember much about them cause I didn't believe in them (Go Obama)... but doesn't it make you wonder if those prophecies are accurate but about TRUMP and not Obama......?????????????

  • Lisa daniels

    I see him spazz out with cameras rolling. Breaking news.

  • Applebootay

    I'm screaming!

  • Cheese eggs

    Not the 3 times fake sister girl prosperity preacher?

  • Applebootay


  • soujourn_erets

    What's uppppp?

  • Branch Davidian

    Well it worked for the "I'm not gay no more" guy so let's hope for the best...

  • Applebootay

    I usually just skip over all Chump related posts, however, I knew the comments would make my lunch hour.....I'M HERE FOR ALL OF IT! LOL..

  • JV

    I like how the guy at the top left with the green name tag is getting all into it. Calm down, bro, save it for the wifie.

  • JV

    I liked the gaudy turquoise ring on the woman's hand, bottom left. It looks like a tacky version of that necklace from Titanic.

  • cd cd

    ...some think tank prob realized you can use freedom as oppression. But it all started with data..that the same processes that convinces you to buy that toilet paper regardless of it being better/true was just brought over when business got in to politics.

  • Applebootay just gave me something to think about.

  • JV


  • soujourn_erets

    start here: - great investment

  • Justlooknout

    Lord, I pray for those they put their hands on them and they had holy water and gallons of prayed over oil. Cause BAAAABEEEE that man is filled with evil.

  • Quitedeliteful

    But why we gotta be heathens??? LOLLOLLOL!!!!!!!!

  • garrisonville

    you trying real hard aren't you Sandra? it must take so much energy being so shady & miserable all the time. awe poor you. : (

  • Quitedeliteful

    None of these money grubbing, fake preacher hands can help Trump -- ask Donald Jr.

  • Quitedeliteful



    Yes, including the start of WWIII



  • SDot

    This is funny

  • Peter Piper ATL

    His weave looks worse up close than I thought it would

  • Quitedeliteful

    Maybe they can conjure him back to to his demon cave...

  • Evillene

    Those "evangelical" hands are upon Trump in service of the aims of men...wicked men. You cannot mask human sin and treachery in the name of God. He will reveal himself.

  • ZRoJoTheLezBeyond

    It's trying to run away.

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    The photo sparked criticism among the HEATHENS on



  • ZRoJoTheLezBeyond

    I was hearing folks calling poor Obama the damn Antichrist! I was pissed. If anything, it's this heathen up yonder!

  • ReadingIsFundamental4Real

    Waterboarding with holy water. That's what laying of hands remind me of.

  • ZRoJoTheLezBeyond

    I will be ready to celebrate when he gets impeached. I know he will be relieved as well. This has been way more than he bargained for.

  • datATLboi

    Is this Prayer or an Exorcism????!!! QTNA

  • ZRoJoTheLezBeyond


  • Chief Troll So Hard

    When you lay hands on Beelzebub

  • Roderick2011

    You can't be serious.

  • HTOWNPinkPuffingHerbal


  • Renee Bee


  • Branch Davidian

    I am not serious..I am DELIVERT!!!

  • Vicki White

    Prayer changes thangs! I'm glad the whole world needs prayer and healing. U hate what they doing... Well ain't nobody mad but the ?

  • Liah


  • 2telldatruth

    I'm not sure if this article was written as satire or what!

  • Me 215

    I agree.

  • Passion

    That's not Trump, it's a mannequin because there's no smoke or fire!

  • ola57

    This man needs to be baptised in the jordan river for real

  • wiseone

    Dump needs to be exorcised. Somebody needs to beat the devil out of him.

  • Mo Mobetta

    Im praying for our President and country. Fools would rather a civil war, globalism and U.N. foreign troops to ruin our country

  • wiseone

    Dump is the devil.

  • ClaireHuxtable

    And he didn't turn into ashes.

  • ClaireHuxtable

    He needs it.
    $Money$ is his god and he needs an awakening.

    Plus he has signs of Early Dementia.

  • You already know ?


  • Passion

    Dump will be acting a fool on Twitter before they say "Amen"!

  • NaeNay

    He needs Jesus in a huge way.

  • Elevated Soul

    I love having a President who loves God.....I LMAO @ the left wing nuts who hate God and denounces President Trump's faith in the Creator.

    Many of his haters need Jesus because the devil is all they got right now.

  • Elevated Soul

    It is indeed a beautiful and powerful picture....

  • Ryan
  • Roderick2011

    Now you know that Negro wasn't delivered.
    That entire scene seemed staged.
    He probably dropped his knees for one of he deacons after everyone else had left church that day.

  • SumthinSweeter


  • dontgetblocked

    I never turn down prayer. BO was a non-believer which is why his presidency failed. President Trump will have a legacy as one of the best Presidents of modern times. I thank God every day that he's our POTUS and not that half-white man who was born in Africa or that old sick snake, Hillary.

  • LibraGirlonly

    That's not my thing and not MY. God. The most High and Yah is the name he's more than a mere God. Y'all better do some research before you start following white peoples religion.

  • Mister Fantastic

    You sure this isn't a seance?

  • teather

    This is an exorcism is what it is. WTF?! Laying on of hands. You can't pray away the trouble within this man.

  • teather


  • teather

    And, ain't no God gonna pray for that man, yt or blk or indifferent. Next >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FOH

  • Tena

    I am surprised the room didn't burst out in flames. This dude doesn't need prayer, he needs an exorcism. He's pure evil!

  • Omandesert

    Definitely an exorcism!

  • millz

    Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves.
    Mathew 7:15

  • noireyblanca

    And I bet simple minded negroes were moved by this. This is some bs and Christianity will be the death of black people. Napoleon said when they arrived in Africa , Africans had never heard of Jesus.We been on this planet for millions of years yet negroes won't let their slave masters religion go. Nobody prays more than we do and yet we stay losing. Cuz that ain't our GOD.

  • Michael

    "The truth will set you free."

    Trump lies, has shown a vile attitude toward sex and women, and is aggressive toward anyone who disagrees with him - even when they tell the truth. God and power politics? Do you actually read the words of Christ?

  • Li

    Trump just got religion. As the noose tightens he's going to need all the religion he can get.

  • kekeb

    EVERYONE needs prayer, including the current POTUS. Nothing negative to say about this

  • kekeb

    You are entitled to your opinion, as am I. I disagree with almost everything you said. My opinion. IJS

  • Enoughsaid2020

    Everyone in this picture look like frauds, he needs an intervention, straight out the White House door!

  • Simone

    China is the leader of the free? They had a one-child policy up until 2015. Starting in Jan 2016, they now have a two-child policy. Does that sound free to you? Telling a woman how many children she's allowed to have is sick and oppressive.

  • dontgetblocked

    I respect that.

  • XoXo

    When dude said lets lay hand on him & pray, I would say like Samuel Jackson " let's not and say we did." That's how some people catch spirits. Uh no!

  • Simone

    If you know the U.S. Constitution, you'll know he's not getting impeached, so don't wait on a date. It's not coming. Despite the media hype, he or his son did nothing illegal. And family of weirdos? His oldest 3 kids are intelligent, hardworking & married with scandals or not even drunk & falling out of clubs. He raised them right.

  • Simone

    You don't have to be perfect or a saint to be deserving of prayers. A Christian is a recognized sinner trying to get right and live right.

  • AJ
  • BlackGirls EatGreen

    If anything they were they to pay homage to the demon in him and seek his favor. Because I know if any truly Holy person touched him, his head would spin and he would projectile vomit. They are going to need much more than a handful of poverty pimps to bind Trump. These types of "Christians" stay making a mockery of God.

  • 19awesomegrl97


  • butchie4ever

    Crooks and frauds pray for a crook and a fraud....sounds about right....

  • Stacey J

    "Democrats and OTHER heathens and unbelievers"..."other"??? really??....if this man's behavior is how believers act...then I must have been reading the wrong Bible all these years.

  • Decked Out


  • Decked Out

    ...The Devil is such an "Unfaithful Lover" Trump will be REVEALED and so will his FAMILY. (tic-toc-tic-toc)

  • Decked Out


  • Decked Out

    What "god" are THEY ALL praying to? Be careful who "LAY" hands on you.


    And he was correct about Trump.

  • sunni_daze

    Its always 1 negro in the bunch.

  • sunni_daze

    To the god of crooks and frauds

  • sunni_daze

    Even the Pope stood 3 ft away from in that picture.

  • Vincent Shaw

    Laying hands on Satan himself. This country is fucked!!!

  • Vincent Shaw

    Satan with the orange face.

  • Lucy

    No china is not the leader of the "free", whatever that means. It has absolutely nothing to do with China having a limit on the number of child a couple can have. BTW.....China is overpopulated, there is no room for these people to live. Have you seen the pictures or read articles about the why they limit it ? I can see why they would want to keep the population from growing. China and Germany have taken over as leaders if global trading, free trade, climate change. Read about what actually happened at the G20 Summit. NATO is gone...TPP Trade Agreement gone. We are losing alliances left and right.

  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    Troll with the aluminum necklace please go back under the bridge... nobody has time to be indulging its like 100 degrees in my city today. If you dont like what I say dont comment and I know how impeachment works....FOH...Its always the stripper looking B%itches who swear they know something...

  • StoneColdLady

    It doesn't matter if we like Donald Trump or not he still POTUS and what is wrong with him receiving prayer

  • Noirluv45

    Are they casting out demons? If not, that's what they need to do.


    It takes more than that to get Satan out of that fool.

  • joy peace

    If you have followed the Trump family for more than this campaign you would know that they do not do three things: drink, drugs or cigarettes. It is a long standing Trump family trait to success!

  • NovemberFling

    Fucking disgraceful!

  • NovemberFling

    I'd tell you to go sit in c00n corner with the rest of your fellow c00ns, but unfortunately it's filled to capacity. Perhaps we can beam all you c00ns to outer space with the hummus people when they take off for Mars.

  • AJ

    First, they are not worthy of being followed by anyone. Second, I am so glad you are with every member of the Trump family 24/7, to view their daily habits. That's like me saying I know YOU don't drink. I don't know you at all and you definitely don't know the Trumps well enough to comment on their vices. The dude above who wrote the story knows more than you. You sound silly. Bye.

  • SG

    I burst out laughing at "drawing criticism from Democrats, other heathens and unbelievers" ??

  • Nessa

    Satanic prayers

  • Quitedeliteful

    Like a hornet's nest....

  • Mario Loza

    More power is needed for this Devil. Someone should have called an Exorcist!

  • NovemberFling

    Since my previous comment was deleted by President Orange Face's top c00n (Sandra), I'll repost - Disgraceful!

  • Gotitbutsmh

    I pray he is out of office soon. How's that? His con game is on point tho. LOL

  • Gotitbutsmh

    Other than that separation of church and state thingy nothing at all. Weird

  • Gotitbutsmh

    Welp, he seems to be on Diet Coke without the diet.

  • Gotitbutsmh

    There is everything to say about this especially since it occurred in the Oval Office, separation of church and state. Take his BS to church which he stays away from like it kryptonite. Get a clue not everyone believes in your or his gawd.