Sister Circle

Troubled blogger Funky Dineva is among the women chosen by TV One to host a TV talk show called Sister Circle, which is modeled after popular female ensemble talk shows such as The View and The Real.

The 33-year-old blogger, who was recently evicted from his Buckhead apartment, will be featured on a panel of four women — Quad Webb-Lunceford (Married To Medicine), singer Syleena Johnson, sports reporter Rashan Ali, and standup comedian Kiana Dancie.

Sister Circle

The openly gay blogger will spin records and “add a male perspective” to the talk show about women’s issues. Which is odd since he’s openly hostile to black woman and often refers to us as “black bitches”.

According to the Jasmine Brand, the hourlong show will blend celebrity guests and expert commentary. It will air live in East Coast markets at 9 a.m. ET, originating from Tegna’s Atlanta outlet, NBC affiliate WXIA-TV.

The show will air in only 12 stations in the local market. The plan is to fine-tune the show in “the hopes of developing a stronger series” to expand to larger markets in season two.

Dineva’s legal woes won’t be discussed on the show. According to court documents, Dineva owes a $14,000 judgment to the National Collegiate Student Loan trust (which is garnishing his wages) and $6,700 to celebrity blogger Michelle Brown, of, for trashing her townhouse in 2016.

WXIA-TV, which produces the talk show, will likely receive notices to garnish his wages. As Dineva would say, “A mess, chile!”