In a video clip replayed by NBC on Wednesday, the Charlottesville police backed President Donald Trump who said “both sides” came to Charlottesville, Virginia looking for trouble during the “Unite the Right” rally on Saturday.

Violent clashes between the leftist Antifa thugs (pictured above) and white supremacists protesting the removal of a statue left one woman dead and dozens injured.

In the brief video clip replayed by NBC, President Trump assigns blame to the protesters and the counter-protesters at the rally.

A voiceover from an NBC reporter confirmed that police said both sides “came to Charlottesville ready for a fight.” (Click to watch video).

Shockingly, CNN’s own Jake Tapper lashed out at the Antifa thugs for assaulting journalists at Saturday’s rally.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday Tapper blamed the violent Antifa thugs for assaulting 2 reporters who were in Charlottesville covering the rally.

“At least two journalists in Charlottesville were assaulted by people protesting the Klan/Nazi/alt-right rally:… these are unprovoked assaults on journalists doing their jobs — by those marching *against* the hateful racists. Disgusting.”

He then took on Antifa sympathizers who heckled him for trying to do the right thing.

Until Wednesday CNN was hesitant to call out Antifa for their role in instigating the violence that led to a woman’s death at the peaceful rally.