Putney Bridge Pusher

Police in London say they arrested the wrong man in the “Putney Bridge Pusher” case.

On Tuesday, police arrested an American millionaire investment banker, saying he was the man who pushed a 33-year-old woman in front of a bus.

But the investment banker, who lives in the upscale Chelsea neighborhood, vigorously denied the allegations. He said he could prove he was in America on business at the time of the attack.

A jogger is seen on CCTV video footage shoving a woman into the path of an oncoming double decker bus on London’s Putney Bridge around 7:40 a.m. on May 5.

The video shows a white male jogger run past a man on the West London bridge. As the jogger approached a woman, he reached out with both hands and shoved the woman, who fell backwards into the path of a double decker bus. The quick-thinking bus driver swerved at the last second, narrowly avoiding running over the woman. She suffered minor injuries in the attack.

Police say the jogger ran away but he returned to the scene 15 minutes later. The woman recognized him and tried to talk to him but he ignored her.

“By this time the members of the public who had helped the woman were gone and she tried to talk to him as he ran past her but he just ignored her,” said Sgt. Mat Knowles.

The investment banker provided proof validating his claim that he was out of the country when the attack took place.

Police are still searching for the jogger.